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Important Rahu and Ketu Temples in India

Nagaraja Temple at Nagercoil, Tamilnadu

The temple is situated at a distance of 20km from Kanyakumari amidst paddy fields. The main deity is Swayambhu Nagaraja. Many serpents live around the temple and there has been no fatal case of snake bite. The earthen prasad taken from the Sanctum Sanctorum of Lord Nagaraja has never diminished in quantity, even after is use for centuries.

Ardhanareeswarar Temple in Tiruchengode, Tamilnadu

On the top of the hill Nagagiri, one of the 64 manifestations of Lord Shiva, Ardhanareeswarar, adorns the sanctum. There is a water spring, which is said to have been divinely manifested. There is a 60 feet long snake carved on the hill. The temple is mythologically associated with Adiseshan.

Rahu and Kethu

Sheshapureeswarar Temple in Thirupambaram, Tamilnadu

The deity here was worshipped by Adishesha. Those who has the association of Kuja with the nodes offer worship here. The temple is located in the route between Kumbakonam and Karikal.

Srivanjiyam, Tamilnadu

Both Rahu and Ketu appear in the same stone here. Abishekam to these deities neutralizes the Sarpa dosha. The temple is located on en-route to Kudavasal from nannilam.

Thirmanchery, Thiruvaroor district, Tamilnadu

Those afflicted with Nodes in the seventh house of marriage in their horoscopes, worship Lord Rahu who is in the posture of Anugraha moorty, in the temple of Udvakanathar and Goddess Kokilavani on the New Moon days and offer milk to Lord Rahu.

Srikalinageswarar temple in Mayavaram, Tamilnadu

Devotees stay in the temple for a whole day and worship Lord Nageswarar to get rid of Sarpa Dosha

Kargotaka Kshetra, Kodakanallur, Triruneleveli District, Tamilnadu

Those afflicted by the notes in the second and eighth houses, worship Lord Kailasanathar here who was worshipped by the divine serpent Kargotaka to get rid of the sin of killing the grand son of Arjuna.

Neeladakshi Temple in Nagapatnam, Tamilnadu

Devotees offer worship here to get rid of doshas caused by Rahu. Propitiation of Lord Kartikeya especially on Tuesdays reduces the affliction of Rahu.

19 thoughts on “Important Rahu and Ketu Temples in India

  1. Dear Sir,

    My Name is Surekha
    TIME:1:26 AM

    Kindly Let me know whether I have Sarpa dosham.
    If yes ,request you to provide remedies for dosham.
    Currently i am facing financial difficulties

    1. Dear Surekha
      You are presently in the Saturn Maha Dasa since 2019. This is not a favorable period for most of your deeds, financial aspects also.
      Perform pooja to Shani Deva on Saturdays.
      Offer Black Sesame Seeds lamp on every or regular Saturdays. Do pradhakshina to Lord Shani Deva on every Saturdays.
      Recite Hanuman chaleesha on every Saturdays. Do visit Hanuman temple also.
      Regular pooja to Lord Shiva, Subrahmanya and any Guru.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  2. How to identify weather the panditji has done rahu ketu pooja in the way it should be done as there are many ppl who dont know how to do nd still they charge huge amount

    1. Dear Kanishka
      Normally the famous temples like Kukke, Ghati, Srikalahasthi, Mopi Devi Subrahmanya, Rameshwaram, Thirunageshwaram, Trimbakeshwaram and some other ancient Shiva temples will appoint learned Pandits only in their temples.
      When you assist Private Pandits outside or not related to the temple it may not be Learned Pandits. You should contact the temple official Authority only regarding the Pooja and not others touting outside the temples or the Riversides.
      Comment here which temple do you want to know and if I know will let you know.
      Om Namah Shivaya

    1. Dear Pradeep Kumar
      There is not temple to perform Rahu Kethu shanthi pooja at Delhi. But I heard that there are some Pundits who are doing Rahu Kethu Shanthi pooja in some temples personally after an advance booking with them. So try to contact temples like Prachin Gauri Shankar Temple, Neeli Chhatri Temple. But beware that some may cheat you by charging more. For this Shanthi pooja it doesnot cost more that 3 k to 5k.
      Do you have Kaala Sarpa Dosha.
      If so you can visit Trimbakeshwar and perform Kaala Sarpa dosha nivarana pooja there. Or visit Sri Kalahasthi temple where it cost not more than rs 1500 ticket and 2500 ticket.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  3. Namaskram guruji,
    My husband dob is 11 may 1984 and name – N .Nidhish Nair and presently he is doing private job and salary is very less and suddenly getting hurdles and problems day by day and no professional growth at all and please suggest us and till when is Rahu dhasa

    1. Dear Visitor
      Sorry to say that we hwve stopped giving predictions and remedies related to Financial, job, life problems, marriage compatibility etc. So please read the NOTE given above the COMMENT.
      You just recite Gayathri manthra for 108 times daily and visit Durga maatha temple on every fridays.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  4. Dear Sir,

    My DOB is 9th May 1978, 3.43 am

    I am going through a very bad time since last 6 years, can you please kindly advise how long will this bad phase lasts for

    Please kindly provide your valuable inputs

    Waiting for your inputs

    Many Thanks!


    1. Dear Visitor
      Sorry to say that we hwve stopped giving predictions and remedies related to Financial, job, life problems, marriage compatibility etc. So please read the NOTE given above the COMMENT.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  5. Namaskaram Sastry garu,
    I am making a request on behalf of my husband.
    He always has unstable career and waiting for some stable jobs. We are unable to plan kids because of his unstable career. Please advise.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Sorry to say that we hwve stopped giving predictions and remedies related to Financial, job, life problems, etc. So please read the NOTE given above the COMMENT.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  6. My DOB is nov 9th Time 2.50pm place Cuddapah.Please tell me I have any doshas in my horoscope .Nakshathra is Alesha.Karkataka raasi

  7. Namaskaram Guruji,
    Please advice on pooja or remedies to perform…
    Age 39,single,
    no professional growth, last 10 years i have changed 7 companies…
    Unwanted problems /hurdles in job.
    Can i do business….if so which one are favorable…

    My name is Manjunath ,
    Place : Hubli,
    Time of birth 18.00 hrs,
    DOB 15 – 10-78

    My father Siddeshwar expired on 17 July1995.
    Last week i have performed Pitru dosha pooja in Gokarna, karnataka,
    In 2015, Ashlesha bali, in kukke subramanya,
    In 2014 kala sarpa pooja in Nasik, Triyambakeshwar.

    1. Dear Manjunath Bendigeri
      Lord of your career sthana, rajya (career) sthana is good. only thing is that Rahu and kethu are both not good, rahu with bad conjunction. Need to check your horoscope in depth analysis for precise conclusion.
      Need to perform the pithru dosha pooja or rahu kethu pooja every year on regular basis.
      Perform Rudhra abhishekam to Lord Shiva on regular basis.
      At home worship Lord Ganesh, Subrahmanya. Shiva and Parvathi.
      Recite Vishnu Sahasra naama sthothram daily or every Saturdays.
      Om Namah Shivaya

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