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2024 Thai Amavasai Pooja Dates And Puja Timings

Thai Amavasai On Friday 9th February 2024
Thai Amavasai Muhurtham/Timings:

Amavasai Tithi Starts = 8:01 AM on 9-February-2024
Amavasai Tithi Ends = 4:28 AM on 10-February-2024

Amavasya - Amavasai

About Thai Amavasya:
The Amavasya that falls on the no moon day of Thai maasam in the Tamil Nadu state of India is marked as significant. Reason being that this day, people dedicate the day in honor of their ancestors, family members, close and dear ones who have departed to the other world. The day begins with chanting of special type of prayers for the dead souls to rest in peace. Various types of customs and rituals are undertaken under the able guidance of special priest who are well versed with Hindu customs regarding appeasement of departed souls.

The day is specific for Shraadham since the populistic belief among people here in Tamil Nadu is that it is during the Thai Amavasya day that the souls of the departed near and dear ones visit and bless them. The usual norm for conducting worship for ancestors and departed relatives is on the riverbanks or seashores of pious and holy waters.

One such spot is the famous place of Rameshwaram which houses the Sri Ramanatha Swamy Temple. The presiding deity in this temple is the Shiva Lingam and is said to have been worshipped by Sri Rama, the Vishnu avatar, for seeking pardon from sins of waging war with Ravanan in Sri Lanka.

Besides Rameshwaram, Thai Amavasya is known to be followed at other well-known places in the state of Tamil Nadu. These include places such as Kanyakumari far down south, then Dhanushkodi, Devipattanam, and Sethukarai etc.

2024 Thai Amavasai Pooja Dates And Puja Timings

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