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800 Plus Years Old Medak Fort Timings, History | Ancient Kakatiyas Fort Near Hyderabad

The Medak Fort in the north of the city of Medak had been the pride of the Kakatiya rulers who reigned the Telangana region from 1083 AD to 1323 AD i.e. the 12th century. The fort was built under rulership of Pratap Rudra, the Kakatiyan ruler. The fort has been a witness to the changes in the possessors of the throne of the region. It had been built with great architectural skills that had enabled it to stay firm during the many attacks and war. It has seen many invasions and the change in the dynasties ruling the Telangana.

There are three entrances or gateways of the fort – The Prathama Dwar, The Simha Dwar and the Gaja Dwar. The Prathama Dwar gives a marvelous double headed bird “Gandabherundam” representing the kakatiyan dynasty. The Simha Dwar or the Lion Entrance displays two snarling lions gracing the front whereas the Gaja Dwar shows two massive elephants with interlocked trunks. The Medak fort, originally known as Methuku Durgam had been decorated with bastions from the boulders and rocks.

The fort went off to the Muslim rule under the Qutub Shahi Dynasty. The original architecture of the fort saw negligence with the Muslim architecture taking an upper hand in the 17th century. The marks of the Muslim architecture imprinted most of the existing structures in the fort. The Qutub Shahi mosque built in the premises of the fort is an example of the muslim architecture and style overpowering the earlier style. The mosque gives a nice view of the surroundings from the top. The fort thus holds both the Hindu as well as the Muslim architectural styles. The fort contains the 3.2 meter long cannon that were built during the Muslim rule. The cannon has a muzzle with the diameter of 15 centimeters. A visit to the fort takes one back to history itself. The environment of the fort with the dense overgrowth of the wilderness increases the thrill and adventure involved in it.

Medak Fort Timings:

8.00 AM to 7.00 PM

How to Reach Medak Fort:

The Hyderabad Railway Station is the nearest station. This is about 100 kms away from Medak. On reaching Medak, one needs to hire a private taxi to reach the fort.
The Public Transport facilities may also be availed to reach Medak from Hyderabad. State run buses run very frequently from Hyderabad MGBS Bus Stand to Medak Town. From Medak town bus stop, one can avail private transport to Medak Fort. Medak Fort is less than 3 KMs from Medak Bus Depot.

Medak Fort Near Hyderabad

Where to stay:

One can avail the budgeted hotels in Medak that provide ample accommodation options to the visitors. Moreover, being quite close to Hyderabad, tourists can also travel to Medak on day trips from Hyderabad.
A few hotels at Medak are Anjagoud Hotels, Green Corner Hotel and Manama Hotel.

Distance to Medak Fort:

From Hyderabad 97 Kms
From Warangal 156 Kms
From Medak Bus Terminus 2.6 Kms
From Karimnagar 132 Kms
From Kamareddy 50 Kms

Medak Fort

Medak Fort Address:

Medak Fort,
Fort Road,
Medak District,
Telangana 502110

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