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Medak Church Timing, History | Medak Cathedral | Second Biggest Church in Asia

Medak is a city that honours every religion. The Medak Cathedral is one of the major tourist attractions in the city. The foundation of the cathedral was laid by Reverend Charles Walker Posnett, a Methodist Christian. The cathedral was finally consecrated in 1924. Running into an area of 1000 acres, the structure is about 100 feet in width and 200 feet in length. It has a massive seating capacity of 5000 people. The Medak diocese is the single largest diocese in Asia and the second in the world after the Vatican.

The layout and the style of the church imitates the Gothic revival style to a great extent. The mosaic tiles of six different colours had been imported from Britain to decorate the walls. The flooring has been given equal importance and had been laid by Italian masons from Bombay. The structure as such rests on massive grey stone pillars.

The life of Jesus is depicted in the form of stories on the walls of the Church. The walls have the ornate stained glass windows. Episodes of the Nativity in the west transept, the Crucifixion in the east transept, and the Ascension behind the altar are depicted here which are commendable.  The three pieces are also famous as the “gospel trilogy”.  These stories depicted on the windows attract the visitors the most. The pictures of the many episodes in the life of Jesus helps them the most who cannot read. For those who can read, the stories are inscribed in English, Hindi and Telugu. The roof of the cathedral is also a master piece. The Bell Tower crowns the roof. The church is the tallest structure in the city with a height of 175 ft. the Nizam of Hyderabad had been inspired by the height of the church and had decided to construct the Charminar. It is also said that the Nizam had been jealous of the height of the cathedral and had attempted to reduce the height of the structure.

This cathedral is the seat of the Bishop of the Church of South India. Medak is thus a popular place for tourism amongst the Christians as well. The supervision of the Medak Diocese, the largest in Asia and the second largest in the World is also carried out from this seat. It holds its position just after the Vatican. This pristine white granite structure is also known to0 be the best and the largest churches in India.

Medak Cathedral Church

The church is also associated with relief and rescue during the devastating famine in 1914. The founder of the cathedral, , Reverend Charles Walker Posnett organized a ‘Food for Work’ programme. He promised food to the workers who would contribute in the building of the church. This initiative started the building of the bond between the church and the poor.

The Medak Church is crowded during the Christmas. Devotees from the neighboring states like Karnataka and Maharashtra also visit the Church. The decorated Church readies itself to celebrate the birth of the Lord. The Church acts as a place of enlightenment for its visitors. A visit to the Church can only make one realize the importance and significance of the seat and the Church as such. The Church is open for public for prayers and viewing everyday from 7 am to 6 pm.

How to reach Medak Church:

The nearest station to Medak is the Hyderabad Railway station which is about 80 kms from here. From the station, the tourists can take up private transport for reaching the Cathedral.

One can also board the buses running between Hyderabad MGBS and to Medak everyday from 5:30 am to 10:00 pm. The frequency of these buses is hardly 20 minutes.

Cathedral Church Medak

Distance to Medak Church:

From Hyderabad 98 Kms
From Lingampally 80 Kms
From Siddipet 70 Kms
From Medak Town bus stop is less than 1 Km
From Nizamabad 106 Kms

Medak Church Timings:

7:00 AM to 1:00 PM and 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM
Sunday: 6.00 am to 6.00 pm

Sunday Morning Service 7:00 AM
Sunday General Service 9:30 AM

Medak Church Address:

Cathedral Compound,
Telangana 502110
Phone: 099121 54720

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