About Karadaiyan Nombu | Savitri Nonbu Vritham Tamil Festival

Karadaiyan Nombu, also known as Karadayan Nonbu, is a popular Tamil festival, celebrated during the time of Meena Sankranti. This celebration marks the end of Tamil month Maasi and the beginning of month Panguni. Karadai is the name of an offering or Nivedyam specially prepared on this day and the word Nombu literally means Vratham or Fast.

As per the legend of Satyavan Savitri, it is believed that Savitri got her husband Satyavan back from the God of Death on the very same day. Because of this belief, Karadaiyan Nombu is also popular as Savitri Vratam. On this day women worship Goddess Gowri and offer the Karadiyan Nombu Nivedyam to the Goddess. After the Puja rituals, women tie a sacred yellow cotton thread for the well-being of their husband. This sacred thread is known as Manjal Saradu or Nonbu Charadu
Married women observe Vratam for good health and longevity of their husband, whereas unmarried girls observe it for getting good husband. Women who observe vratam on this day usually wear yellow clothes.

Karadaiyan Nombu

The fast begins from sunrise on the transition day when the Sun God Surya moves from Kumbha Rashi to Meena Rashi. Duration of fast depends on local Sunrise and Sankramana moment of the particular location, which varies for different locations. Depending on this, the Fast breaking time may happen at any time between current day Sunrise to next day Sunrise.
The sacred thread Manjal Saradu is tied at the auspicious moment when Masi month ends and Panguni month begins. lists the exact time to tie Manjal Saradu, which is also the time of Meena Sankramana. We do it for more than 20,000 cities across the globe. It is possible that Meena Sankramana occurs at any time during the day. In many occasions it occurs after midnight, which may not be convenient to perform Puja rituals. Nevertheless, Karadai Nombu Puja and related rituals are observed exactly at the right time when Meena Sankramana occurs.

If the auspicious time for Manjal Saradu falls after midnight, but before the next day sunrise, we show it in 24+ format because a Hindu day starts and ends with Sunrise.

Karadaiyan Nombu slokha/slokam:
Throram Krishhnami subhake saharitham
Dharami aham bharthu
Ayushya Sidhartham supreethabhava sarvadha

The following is the Tamil chant:
Urukaadha Venneyum oradaiyam naan nootren
Orukkalum en kanavar ennai vittu pririyadhirukka vendum

“உருகாத வெண்ணெயும் ,ஓர் அடையும் நோற்று உனக்கு நான் வைத்தேன் ,எந்நாளும் என் கணவர் எனை விட்டு நீங்காத அருள் தருவாய்” என்று அம்மனை நோக்கி வேண்டி நமஸ்கரிக்கவும்.

Meaning: I offer butter and the rice made out of kaar arisi.Bless me that I live happily with my husband for long.

Recipes Served Karadaiyan Nombu Day:
Sweet Karadai or Vella Adai Recipe and Uppu Adai Recipe.

Pooja Materials For Karadaiyan Nombu:
An one idol or image of married Goddess like Parvati or Kamakshi.
1) Flowers
2) The prepared yellow thread
3) Karadai adai Dish
4) Aailable fruits
5) Banana
6) Banana leaf with tip
7) Betel leaves and nuts
8) Coconut

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