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About Siddha Ramappa Kolanu in Srisailam History

Siddha Ramappa Kolanu is a scenic spot located at about one kilometer from the main temple of Srisailam at its northern side.

It is believed that in 12th century A.D., at this place God Mallikarjuna Swamy appeared before Sidhha Ramappa, a disciple from Sholapur in Maharastra.

Siddha Ramappa Kolanu Srisailam

As per the story, Siddha Ramappa came to Srisailam along with a group of devotees when he was 7 years old. He searched for God Mallikarjuna Swamy in Srisailam but his efforts were futile. He asked other pilgrims about god and they showed him the Jyothirlinga in the Temple, but he could not find god anywhere. At last he decided to end his life in the lake of a valley. God Mallikarjuna Swamy was pleased with his devotion, and appeared before him and saved him. Hence the valley is named as Siddharamappa valley and the lake where he tried to end his life was named as Siddharamappa Kolanu.

There is a flight of steps to this valley, constructed by the Devasthanam. The breath-taking waterfalls flow uninterruptedly in all seasons and with its reverberating sound and silver cascade attracts all devotees to this beautiful spot.

The pilgrims of Srisailam coming from Karnataka and Maharastra, particularly during the Ugadi Utsavams, never miss a chance to visit this wonderful place.

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