About Thirumala Nambi – Thirumalai Nambi Story

History of Thirumala Nambi, Thirumalai Nambi:

Thirumala Nambi, a great religious scholar and a devotee of Lord Venkateshwara lived in a small hut on the hill of Tirumala near Tirupati some 1000 years ago. He was also called as Sri Saila Purnulu.

Tirumala Nambi, was one of the five Acharyars of Swamy Ramanuja. Ramanuja was his maternal Uncle who taught the essence of Srimad Ramayana.

Nimbi dedicated his whole life for the worship and Temple services of Lord Venkateshwara. He took up the duty of reaching the auspicious water for ‘Theertha Kainkarya” from Papanasanam waterfalls which is about 8 kms from Thirumala temple.

Though the upkeep of the temple in those days should be a terribly daunting and unwelcome task as the temple lies on a very rough and rocky terrain with lush & green densely spread forest, Nambi goes all alone in the forest till Papanasanam waterfalls and reaches the holy water daily for theertha kainkarya purpose of Lord Venkateshwara.

Lord out of his abundant compassion over Nambis heartful devoted service wanted to reduce his burden.

So one day when Tirumala Nambi was walking with a pot of holy water towards the temple, Lord appeared before Tirumalai Nambi in the attire of a fowler and asked him Thatha ( Grandpa), give me some water to quench my thirst .

Nambee refused to give saying this holy water is meant for Abhishekum of the Lord and politely stepped ahead. The young fowler once again asked Nambi to give him some water to rescue his life.

Nimbi replied that “Pray the lord as he is the one to quench your thirst and he is the savior of life. Saying he is running out of time for Lords Abhishekam Nambi started walking.

Thirumala Nambi, Thirumalai Nambi

The fowler then followed Nambi and slowly pierced the pot with his arrow and broke his thirst.

Nimbi found his pot empty. Seeing the bow with the fowler, realizing the fowler play broke down into tears that he could not reach the water to perform Abhishekam for his Lord.

With immense grief nambi said the fowler about his difficulty in once again fetching the water that makes his LORD wait for Abhishekam.

The fowler said …Don’t worry Thaatha (Grandpa), I will create a best place for you to collect the holy water your daily service .

Saying this, the fowler shooted an arrow at the hillock which is soo high looks touching the skies, and from there gushed doen torrents of water.
The fowler told Nambi, to take water from this water falls thenceforth for all Kainkarya of the Lord and vanished.

That waterfalls is now what we call as Akasaganga since then. Thirumala Nambi realized its Lord Srinivasa himself came to reduce his burden. Nimbi with lot of rejoice filled the pot, reached temple and performed Theertha Kainkarya.

Then afterwards Tirumala Nambee has started some other Kainkaryas such as Akasaganga Theertha Kainkarya, Mantrapushpa Kainkarya, Thomalaseva, Saathumurai, Thirumanjanam and Vedaparayanam. Hence he was named as “Acharya Purusha” of Tirumala Temple.

In honour of his humble and noble worship and services, his progenies until this very day were given the duty to perform the same services in the temple as matter of hereditary right.

Presently, the descendants of Tirumala Nambi are managing the temple from the place where Presiding and Procession idol of Acharya Tirumala Nambi is established.

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