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Annamayya Keerthana – Nanati Bathuku in Bengali With Meaning

Nanati Brathuku was wrote by Annamacharya.

Nanati Bathuku Lyrics in Bengali:

নানাটি বতুকু নাটকমু
কানক কন্নদি কৈবল্য়মু ||

পুট্টুটয়ু নিজমু, পোবুটয়ু নিজমু
নট্টনডিমী পনি নাটকমু |
য়েট্টনেদুটি কলদী প্রপংচমু
কট্ট গডপটিদি কৈবল্য়মু ||

কুডিচেদন্নমু কোক চুট্টেডিদি
নডুমংত্রপু পনি নাটকমু |
বোডি কট্টুকোনিন উভয় কর্মমুলু
গডি দাটিনপুডে কৈবল্য়মু ||

তেগদু পাপমু, তীরদু পুণ্য়মু
নগি নগি কালমু নাটকমু |
এগুবনে শ্রী বেংকটেশ্বরুডেলিক
গগনমু মীদিদি কৈবল্য়মু ||

Annamayya Keerthana Nanati Brathuku Meaning:

The everyday life is but merely a drama. What is seen and yet unseen constitutes the drama. Beyond these stands salvation and liberation from this drama.

The two ends are to be born and to be dead. Those are the truths. Whatever we do in between these two ends constitutes the drama which unfolds. We see the universe and the life which is right in front of us but we don’t see what is beyond. We don’t see the one which is beyond the universe and the time. That is where the salvation is.

We eat our food. We wrap a cloth around our middle. Between these and our end is the drama. when we cross beyond this, we see the salvation.

Our sins don’t dwindle. Our good deeds don’t extend. In between these, we do something and that is the much laughable drama. Beyond these there is one and only one Lord Sri Venkateshwara. Beyond the universe He is there and that is where the liberation is.

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Annamayya Keerthana – Nanati Bathuku in Bengali With Meaning

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