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Balaji Aarthi Lyrics in English With Meaning | Hanuman Slokam

Balaji Aarti Lyrics in English:

Om jaya Hanmath veera, Swami jaya hanumath veera,
Sankat Mochan swami, thum ho Rana Dheera || 1 ||

Pavan puthra, Anjani sutha, mahimaa athi baari,
Dukha daridrya mitavo, sankat cchaya hari. || 2 ||

Bala samya may thum ne, ravi ko bhaksha liyo,
Devan Sthuthi keenhi, thurthhi chod dhiyo. || 3 ||

Kapi Sugreeva rama sangh maithri karvayi,
Abhimani bali matyo, Keerthi rahi chayi, || 4 ||

Jaari lanka siya sudhi lay aayi, vanara harshayo.
Karaj kadin sudhare, Raghuvar man bhaaye, || 5 ||

Shakthi lagee Lakshman ko, Bhaari soch bhayo.
Laya Sanjeevan bhooti, dukha sab dhoor kiyo, || 6 ||

Ramahi lay mahiravan, jab patal gayo,
Thaahi maari Prabhu layo, jaya jayakaar bhaayo. || 7 ||

Rajat mehandhipur mein darshan Sukha kari,
Mangal aur sanischar, mela hai jari, || 8 ||

Sri Balaji ki aarthi, jo koi nar gave,
Kahath Indr harshitha man, vaanchitha phal pave. || 9 ||

Balaji Aarti Meaning:

Oh victory to the valorous Hanuman, Victory to God Hanuman who is valorous,
Oh God who frees us from sorrow, you are the hero in war.

Son of wind god, son of Anjana devi, your power is very heavy,
Please cure us of sorrow and poverty, and never allow the shadow of problems.

During your childhood, you try to eat the Sun,
And devas prayed you and immediately you freed him.

You then made friendship between Sugreeva and Rama,
And got the proud Bali killed and your fame spread

You went to Lanka, brought good news of Sita and made monkeys very happy,
And this made things get reformed and Rama’s mind became confidant.

The arrow Shakthi fell on Lakshman, and though all people became very sad,
You then brought the Sanjeevani medicine and drove away all the sorrow.

Mahiravan took lord Ram to the netherworlds,
And then the Lord brought him from there and greeted by victory sounds.

The seeing of the Lord in Mehandipur leads to happiness,
And there is a fair there on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

Any human being who sings the Aarthi of Lord Balaji,
Would be appreciated by Indra and would get his desires fulfilled.

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