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Basara Sri Gnana Saraswati Temple Train and Timings, Distance

Basara Temple By Road :

Basara is well connected by district buses, run by TSRTC. The temple is located about 207 kilometers from Hyderabad.
Telangana State Road Transport Corporation runs buses are available from Hyderabad to Basara from MGBS and JBS every one hour. The Buses starting from 4.00 AM to 11:10 PM
Hyderabad-Basara: 210 Kms, Nizamabad-Basara: 35 Kms, Nirmal-Basara: 72 Kms.

Gnana Saraswati Temple Basara Distance:

From Hyderabad 207 km
From Nizamabad 31.9 km
From Adilabad 148 km
From Warangal 254 km
From Nirmal 72.6 km
From Mumbai 702 km
From Vijayawada 478 km

Gnana Saraswati Temple Train Details:

From Basara to Hyderabad Trains – Numbers:

Train NameOriginDepartureDestinationArrivalMTWTFSS
Nsl Tpty SplBasar1:01Secunderabad Jn5:00NNYNNNN
H Sahib Nanded Hyb Pas…Basar1:20Hyderabad Decan7:45YYYYYYY
Awb Tpty SplBasar1:31Secunderabad Jn5:30NNNNNYN
Adilabad Krishna Expre…Basar1:37Charlapalli6:21YYYYYYY
Manmad ajanta ExpressBasar4:52Secunderabad Jn8:55YYYYYYY
Mmr Bbs SplBasar5:20Secunderabad Jn9:45YNNNNNN
Snsi Vskp SplBasar5:20Secunderabad Jn9:45NNNNNYN
Aii Hyb SplBasar8:57Hyderabad Decan14:00NNNNNNY
Mumbai Cst Devagiri Ex…Basar10:32Secunderabad Jn14:30YYYYYYY
Akola kacheguda Akola…Basar16:12Kacheguda20:15YYYYYYY
Adb Qln SplBasar16:27Secunderabad Jn20:40NNYNNNN
Awb Qln SplBasar16:27Secunderabad Jn20:40NNNNYNN
H Sahib Nanded Nagawal…Basar17:51Secunderabad Jn21:10NYNNNYN
H Sahib Nanded Vishaka…Basar17:51Secunderabad Jn21:10NNYYNNY
Ned Vskp SplBasar17:51Secunderabad Jn21:10NNYNNNN
Ak Qln SplBasar17:51Kacheguda21:25NNNNYNN
Nsl Ns SplBasar19:35Secunderabad Jn23:20NNNYNNN

From Hyderabad to Basara Trains – Numbers:

Train NameOriginDepartureDestinationArrivalMTWTFSS
Kacheguda Akola ExpressKacheguda07:30Basar11:20YYYYYYY
Sambalpur Nagavali ExpSecunderabad Jn09:20Basar12:44NYNNNYN
Vishakapatnam H Sahib…Secunderabad Jn09:20Basar12:44NNYYNNY
Vskp Ned SpeciaSecunderabad Jn09:20Basar12:44NNYNNNN
Tpty Awb SplSecunderabad Jn09:50Basar14:00NNNNNNY
Secunderabad devagiri ExpressSecunderabad Jn12:55Basar16:31YYYYYYY
Secunderabad ajanta ExpressSecunderabad Jn18:10Basar21:35YYYYYYY
Bbs Snsi SpecialSecunderabad Jn18:30Basar22:00NNNNNYN
Vskp Snsi SplSecunderabad Jn18:30Basar22:00NNNYNNN
Tirupati Krishna ExpressCharlapalli19:26Basar00:30YYYYYYY
Hyb Aii SplHyderabad Decan20:10Basar23:45NNNNNNY
Ns Nsl SplSecunderabad Jn20:35Basar00:05NNYNNNN
Hyderabad Decan ParbhaniHyderabad Decan22:40Basar04:16YYYYYYY

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