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Bhairavasela in Srisailam | Bhairava Sela Srisailam

According to Puranas, Bhairava is one of the forms of God Siva. There are as many as eight forms of Bhairava, each having another eight sub-forms, thus 64 forms of Bhairava are described.
Generally linked to Tantric system, the Bhairava Cult seems to be one of the most prominent cults in the religion of Srisailam.

Bhairavasela Srisailam

Bhairavasela is a beautiful place of Bhairava cult at Srisailam, which is situated amidst delighting natural beauty. It is located at a distance of about 13 km from Srisailam and can be reached through a narrow forest path from the 39th mile stone on Dornal – Srisailam highway, which is close to Sikharam. There is a cave and several spectacular waterfalls at this place.

Inside the cave there is a rare and attractive idol of Bhairava done in reddish quartzite. This is a rare sculpture that could not be found elsewhere, in which a Kapalika is shown at Bhairava’s feet, and the Bhairava is shown in a tribhanga standing posture having padukas.

Chenchus are the local tribal of this place, who worshipped their God Bayanna at the same cave in the form of natural black stone and hence this place is locally known as Bayanna Sela. The entire area is blessed with amazing natural beauty in the form of lush green vegetation and spectacular water falls, which enchant the visitors.

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