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Nagalooty Srisailam History, Timings

Nagalooty is located in a dense forest environment at about 28 km from Srisailam. The remains of several ruined temples, gopuras, pushkarinies and broken idols spread around this historical place remind us about its once glorious past. Considering the architectural and iconographic features, the time period of the temple and sculpture of Nagalooty can be dated back to 13th – 15th Centuries AD.
For the pilgrims from southern and western sides, Nagalooty was the starting point of the ancient foot path to Srisailam, from where brilliantly laid steps of solid stone slabs can be seen. These steps were constructed by the Reddy Kings during 1326-1335 A.D.

Nagalooty Srisailam

Nagalooty route was the most popular route among the four ancient path ways of Srisailam. A large number of pilgrims, especially those from Sivadeeksha and Kannada, prefer this way, even today, to go to Srisailam.

At Nagalooty, there is a huge temple complex of Veerabhadra Swamy. It is a stone structure consisting of Garbhagriha, Mukha Mandapa, Antharalaya, and another 18 pillared mandapa. On the left side of the Sanctum, Goddess Bhadrakali is enshrined in a small chamber.

On the eastern side of the temple complex is the Rajagopuram which is in a ruined condition. There is another huge 16 pillared mandapam on the right side of the temple, near the eastern gopuram. Ten handed seated Ganapathi is enshrined at about hundred meters from the main temple. Two pushkarinies can be seen near the Ganapathi temple.

Several sculptures are carved on the pillars of the mandapas which include Natya Ganapathi, Tandava Murthy, Kali, Mahishasura Mardhini etc. On the pathway towards Srisailam, there is a seated Gramadevatha, locally called as Kuruvalamma.

Nagalooty Srisailam Timings:12:00 Noon to 11:59 pm.

Nagalooty Address:
Andhra Pradesh -518432.

Nagalooty Srisailam History, Timings

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