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About Sabarimala Makara Jyothi | Makaravilakku

Makara is the name of a zodiac sign in Indian languages known as Capricorn in English. “Jyoti” means “light” in Sanskrit. Thus “Makara Jyoti” means “Light of Capricorn”. The most important event in Sabarimala is Makara Jyothi (usually January 14th). Thiruvabharanam or the sacred jewels of the Lord (presented by King Pandalam) arrive in Sabarimala […]

About Sabarimala Mandala Pooja | Makaravilakku

The pilgrimage to Sabarimala begins on the 1st Vrichikam, a month of Malayalam that will take place in mid-November (probably between 14 and 17). The most important day for Ayyappan is the Makarasankranti day, which is the 1st of Makara (a month in Malayalam calendar). This day will fall between January 14th and 16th. Every […]

About Sabarimala Ayyappa Swamy Pathinettam Padi

Pathinettampadi also known as 18 divine steps for sanctum sanctorum is divine in every respect. Every Ayyappa devotee, before seeing the Sanctum Sanctorum, must walk on eighteen sacred steps. Initially, the 18 steps were granite. Later, it was covered with Panchaloha (a special composition of gold, silver, copper, iron and tin) in 1985 to prevent […]

About Thazhamon Madom | Sabarimala Temple Tantris

The headquarters of the Thazhamon family of tantris is located in Chengannur, central Kerala. They are the traditional priests of Sabarimala temple. In addition to Sabarimala, the family chairs the poojas in Aryankavu, Achankovil and Kulathupuzha. The installation of idols in these temples was also carried out by the priests of Thazhamon, who granted them […]

About Pandalam Palace | Lord Ayyappa

Pandalam in Kerala is the chosen and blessed place where Lord Ayyappa, the presided deity in Sabarimala, lived his human residence as the son of Raja of Pandalam. The kingdom of Pandalam was created around 79 ME (903 AD) by the Pandalam royal family, descendants of Madurai’s Pandya kings. The Pandya royal family had to […]

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