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Cheranalloor Mahadeva Temple Structure, History

About Cheranalloor Mahadeva Temple:

Cheranalloor Mahadeva Temple is an ancient Hindu temple dedicated to Shiva, located on the banks of the Periyar River in Kalady, Ernakulam District, Kerala State, India. The Cheranalloor Mahadeva temple is one of the most important temples of the Kingdom of Cochin. According to folklore, the wise Parashurama set up Shiva’s idol in the Treta Yuga. The temple is one of 108 Temples of Shiva in Kerala.

Cheranalloor Mahadeva Temple Structure:

The temple is dedicated to Shiva in the main Sanctum Sanctorum, oriented to the east. The main sanctuary, built in a circular manner, presents a magnificent Kerala-Dravidian architectural style. On the eastern porch, the namaskara mandapom was built on a square structure. The size of the nalambalam is remarkable and the adjacent thidappalli have been reconstructed. The Cheranelloor Temple is built with great architectural expertise and we can also see a collection of rare architecture.

In ancient times, the Cheranelloor Mahadeva Temple had vast properties and received about 24 tons of paddy a year. As a result of the agrarian reforms, the temple lost all the land, with the exception of a few acres in which it is located.

Cheranalloor Mahadeva Temple Festival and Daily Pooja:

There are five poojas here regularly they are Usha pooja, Pooja Ethrtha, Pantheerati pooja, Noon pooja and Athazha pooja. The annual temple festival is usually celebrated in the month of Malayalam Kumbha (February – March). It is believed that Shiva in Cheranellor is located with Devi Sati. So, it is thought that the main deity of the temple is the form of mochaka rina that has the idea of solving all the debts of the faithful. The mochaka pooja rina is performed daily in the temple.

Cheranalloor Mahadeva Temple

Cheranalloor Mahadeva Temple Address:

Kalady Cheranalloor,
Kerala 683544.
Phone: 0484 264 1176

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