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Dos and Don’ts at Srisailam Temple | Dos and Don’ts in Mallikarjuna Swamy and Bhramaramba Devi Temple

Do’s at Srisailam Temple:
# Do pray your favourite deity before you commence the pilgrimage to Srisailam.
# Do contact Srisaila Devasthanam information centre for any enquiry, temple information, Pooja details etc.
# Do reserve your travel and accommodation facility at Srisailam well in advance.
# Do bath and wear clean clothes before you enter the temple.
# Do concentrate your heart and soul on God Mallikarjuna Swamy and Goddess Bhramaramba Devi when you are inside the temple.
# Do keep silence and recite Om Namahsivaya or your Istamantram to yourself while you are inside the temple.
# Do respect and observe ancient customs and traditions while in Srisailam.
# Do respect the religious sentiments at Srisailam.
# Do deposit your offerings in the hundi only.

Srisailam Bhramaramba Temple

Don’ts at Srisailam Temple:
* Do not come to Srisailam Temple for any purpose other than worshipping of Sri Swamy and Ammavaru.
* Do not smoke at Srisaila Kshetram.
* Do not take alcoholic drinks at Srisailam Temple.
* Do not enter the Srisaila Kshetram, eating non-vegetarian food.
* Do not approach brokers for availing quick Darshan, which will create inconvenience to others.
* Do not bring any weapon inside the temple.
* Do not wear helmets, turbans, hats, etc., inside the temple premises.
* Do not perform Sastanga Pranama inside the Sanctum Sanctorum.
* `Do not take much time while performing Sparsa Darshanam to Swamyvaru in Garbhalayam.
* Do not buy prasadams from street vendors.
* Do not encourage beggars at Srisaila Kshetram.
* Do not spit or create nuisance in the premises of the temple.

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