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Dr. P. Narayana Founder Narayana Educational Institutions

P.NarayanaDr. P. Narayana was born in 1957 at Nellore. His father was Mr.P. Subbaramaiah. It could be said that he is a man with the Midas touch. Though he hails from humble beginnings, there has been no looking back for him and whatever he touched turned gold. He graduated and honored with Gold Medal in Statistics in 1977 and took a postgraduate degree in the same discipline in 1979 from S. V. University, Tirupathi . All through his student life, he had been basking in the sunshine of glory and popularity because of his dynamic leadership qualities, intellectual prowess, sweetness of temper and oratorical talents.

He is the founder of the Narayana Educational Institutions. The Educational Institutions administered by him have reputation of securing State top Rankers in Competitive Examinations for Engineering and Medical courses. Under his able guidance the following institutions approved by the respective statutory authorities are managed successfully by Narayana Educational Society..

The biography of Dr. P. Narayana will be incomplete without a mention of his charitable disposition and generous attitude. Meritorious and economically backward students in the college and schools are awarded financial support for their study.
What makes Dr. P. Narayana unique is the missionary zeal with which he takes up an enterprise of common cause and remains undeterred against all odds.

The greater the odd, the greater is his resolve to surmount them.

  • Narayana Engineering College, Nellore.
  • Narayana Engineering College at Gudur
  • Narayana Medical College and General Hospital, Nellore.
  • Narayana Dental College, Nellore.
  • Narayana College of Nursing, Nellore
  • Nayayana School of Nursing, Nellore.
  • M. Sc. Medical Courses in Anatomy, Physiology, Bio-Chemistry, Pharmacology and Microbiology
  • 11 Paramedical Courses.
  • 57 Narayana Junior colleges at various places throughout the State of Andhra Pradesh with around 150 branches.
  • Narayana Naturopathy college.
  • Narayana Concept schools with 20 branches.
  • Narayana IIT-Olympiad schools with 13 branches.
  • Narayana e-techno schools with 16 branches.

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