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Sashi P. Reddy | App Labs Founder

Sashi-P.-ReddiSashi P. Reddy is founder and chairman of App Labs, a software testing company based in Philadelphia, US. Sashi P. Reddy is also a founder and chairman of FXLabs, a developer of high quality game products in India for PC’s and Videogame consoles. Sashi has started two other companies prior to AppLabs. His first company was EZPower Systems which developed products for building and maintaining large-scale web applications. EZPower was acquired by DocuCorp International (Nasdaq: DOCC), a Safeguard Scientific company.

Following DocuCorp, Sashi founded iCoop to provide group purchasing software to serve the specific needs of co-operative businesses such as Dunkin Donuts. He began his career consulting on technology and strategy to Fortune 500 companies in the travel, financial services, automotive and consumer packaged goods industries.

Sashi received his B.Tech (Bachelor of Science) degree in Computer Science from the Indian Institute of Technology in New Delhi, India. He went on to gain a Master of Science in Computer Science from New York University and later a PhD from The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.

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