Fairfax SV Lotus Temple Hiranya Shraddham, Pitru karyam, Annual Ceremony Puja Material

1) Reservation with the Temple is required.
2) The following materials are to be supplied by the devotee.

Hiranya Shraddham (Pitru karyam, annual ceremony, (tarpanam, swayampakam) (no homam))

Nuvvulu / Till seads 50 grams
Turmeric powder 100 gms
Kumkum 1 pkt
Betel leaves and Betel nuts 15
Rice / Biyyam 5 lbs
Raw Banana (arati) 6
Bitter Guard (kakara) 1 lb
Arivi (chama) 1 lb
Tindora (dondakaya) 1 lb
Tomoto 1 lb
Any green leaves 1 pack
Banana 6
Butter Milk 1/2 gallon
Coins (quaters) 1 roll
Agarbathi / Incense Sticks 1 pkt
Jaggery 1 lb
Flowers 2 bunches
Karpuram / Camphor 1 pkt
Moong Dal/ pesarapappu 1 lb
Uradal/ Minapapappu 1 lb
Tamarind 1 pkt
Red Mirchy 1 lb

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