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Fairfax SV Lotus Temple Kalyana Utsavam Puja Material

1) Reservation with the Temple is required.
2 The following materials are to be supplied by the devotee.

Kalyana Utsavam, Wedding ceremony to the Lord Puja Material:

Turmeric powder 1/4 kg
Kumkum 1/2 kg
Sandalwood paste/powder 1 pkt
Camphor 1 pkt
Incense Sticks 1 pkt
Flowers plenty
Fruits 4 dozens bananas & any other fruits
Coconuts 2
Rice 5 kgs
Quarters coins 1 roll
Betel leaves and nuts 50 leaves and 100 nuts
Milk 1/4 gallon
Yogurt 1 tin
Honey small bottle
Cumen seeds 150 grms
Jaggery 200 grms
Garlands 3
Madhu parka vastram 1 dhothi 2 sarees
Blouse pieces 2
Towel 1 big size
Dry coconut 2
Perfume bottle small
Rose water 1 bottle
Yajnopaveetham 1
Mangala sutram 2
Prasadam sweet pongal

Fairfax SV Lotus Temple Kalyana Utsavam Puja Material

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