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Hanuman Ashtottara Sata Namavali in English and Meaning

Hanuman Ashtottara Sata Namavali in English:

Om Sri Anjaneyaya Namah ।
Om Mahaviraya Namah ।
Om Hanumate Namah ।
Om Marutatmajaya Namah ।
Om Tatvajnanapradaya Namah ।
Om Sitadevimudrapradayakaya Namah ।
Om Ashokavanakachchhetre Namah ।
Om Sarvamayavibhanjanaya Namah ।
Om Sarvabandhavimoktre Namah ।
Om Rakshovidhwansakarakaya Namah । ॥ 10 ॥

Om Paravidya Pariharaya Namah ।
Om Parashaurya Vinashanaya Namah ।
Om Paramantra Nirakartre Namah ।
Om Parayantra Prabhedakaya Namah ।
Om Sarvagraha Vinashine Namah ।
Om Bhimasena Sahayakrithe Namah ।
Om Sarvadukha Haraya Namah ।
Om Sarvalokacharine Namah ।
Om Manojavaya Namah ।
Om Parijata Drumulasthaya Namah । ॥ 20 ॥

Om Sarvamantra Swarupavate Namah ।
Om Sarvatantra Swarupine Namah ।
Om Sarvayantratmakaya Namah ।
Om Kapishwaraya Namah ।
Om Mahakayaya Namah ।
Om Sarvarogaharaya Namah ।
Om Prabhave Namah ।
Om Bala Siddhikaraya Namah ।
Om Sarvavidya Sampattipradayakaya Namah ।
Om Kapisenanayakaya Namah । ॥ 30 ॥

Om Bhavishyathchaturananaya Namah ।
Om Kumara Brahmacharine Namah ।
Om Ratnakundala Diptimate Namah ।
Om Chanchaladwala Sannaddhalambamana Shikhojwala Namah ।
Om Gandharva Vidyatatvajnaya Namah ।
Om Mahabala Parakramaya Namah ।
Om Karagraha Vimoktre Namah ।
Om Shrinkhala Bandhamochakaya Namah ।
Om Sagarottarakaya Namah ।
Om Prajnaya Namah । ॥ 40 ॥

Om Ramadutaya Namah ।
Om Pratapavate Namah ।
Om Vanaraya Namah ।
Om Kesarisutaya Namah ।
Om Sitashoka Nivarakaya Namah ।
Om Anjanagarbha Sambhutaya Namah ।
Om Balarkasadrashananaya Namah ।
Om Vibhishana Priyakaraya Namah ।
Om Dashagriva Kulantakaya Namah ।
Om Lakshmanapranadatre Namah । ॥ 50 ॥

Om Vajrakayaya Namah ।
Om Mahadyuthaye Namah ।
Om Chiranjivine Namah ।
Om Ramabhaktaya Namah ।
Om Daityakarya Vighatakaya Namah ।
Om Akshahantre Namah ।
Om Kanchanabhaya Namah ।
Om Panchavaktraya Namah ।
Om Mahatapase Namah ।
Om Lankini Bhanjanaya Namah । ॥ 60 ॥

Om Shrimate Namah । – Revered
Om Simhikaprana Bhanjanaya Namah ।
Om Gandhamadana Shailasthaya Namah ।
Om Lankapura Vidayakaya Namah ।
Om Sugriva Sachivaya Namah ।
Om Dhiraya Namah ।
Om Shuraya Namah ।
Om Daityakulantakaya Namah ।
Om Surarchitaya Namah ।
Om Mahatejase Namah । ॥ 70 ॥

Om Ramachudamanipradayakaya Namah ।
Om Kamarupine Namah ।
Om Pingalakshaya Namah ।
Om Vardhimainaka Pujitaya Namah ।
Om Kabalikrita Martandamandalaya Namah ।
Om Vijitendriyaya Namah ।
Om Ramasugriva Sandhatre Namah ।
Om Maharavana Mardhanaya Namah ।
Om Sphatikabhaya Namah ।
Om Vagadhishaya Namah । ॥ 80 ॥

Om Navavyakritapanditaya Namah ।
Om Chaturbahave Namah ।
Om Dinabandhuraya Namah ।
Om Mayatmane Namah ।
Om Bhaktavatsalaya Namah ।
Om Sanjivananagayartha Namah ।
Om Suchaye Namah ।
Om Vagmine Namah ।
Om Dridhavrataya Namah ।
Om Kalanemi Pramathanaya Namah । ॥ 90 ॥

Om Harimarkata Markataya Namah ।
Om Dantaya Namah ।
Om Shantaya Namah ।
Om Prasannatmane Namah ।
Om Shatakantamudapahartre Namah ।
Om Yogine Namah ।
Om Ramakatha Lolaya Namah ।
Om Sitanveshana Panditaya Namah ।
Om Vajradranushtaya Namah ।
Om Vajranakhaya Namah ।
Om Rudra Virya Samudbhavaya Namah । ॥ 100 ॥

Om Indrajitprahitamoghabrahmastra Vinivarakaya Namah ।
Om Partha Dhwajagrasamvasine Namah ।
Om Sharapanjara Bhedakaya Namah ।
Om Dashabahave Namah ।
Om Lokapujyaya Namah ।
Om Jambavatpritivardhanaya Namah ।
Om Sitasameta Shriramapada sevadurandharaya Namah । ॥ 108 ॥

Hanuman Ashtottara Sata Namavali Meaning:

Son of Anjana
Most Valiant
One With Puffy Cheeks
Most Beloved Like Gems
Granter of Wisdom
Deliverer of the Ring of Sita
Destroyer of Ashoka Orchard
Destroyer of All Illusions
Detacher of All Relationship
Slayer of Demons ॥ 10 ॥

Destroyer of Enemies Wisdom
Destroyer of Enemy’s Valour
The acceptor of Rama’s Mantra Only
Destroyer of Enemies Missions
Killer of Evil Effects of Planets
Helper of Bheema
Reliever of All Agonies
Wanderer of All Places
Speed Like Wind
Resider Under the Parijata Tree ॥ 20 ॥

Possessor of All Hymns
The shape of All Hymns
Dweller in All Yantras
Lord of Monkeys
Reliever of All Ailments
Popular Lord

Granter of Knowledge and Wisdom
Chief of the Monkey Army ॥ 30 ॥

Aware of Future Happenings
Youthful Bachelor
Wearing Gem-Studded Earrings
Glittering Tail Suspended Above The Head
The exponent in the Art of Celestials
Of Great Strength
One Who Frees from Imprisonment
Reliever from a Chain of Distresses
Leaped Across the Ocean
Scholar ॥ 40 ॥

Ambassador of Lord Rama
Known for Valour
Son of Kesari
Destroyer of Sita’s Sorrow
Born of Anjani
Like the Rising Sun
Beloved of Vibheeshana
Slayer of the Ten-Headed Ravana Dynasty
Reviver of Lakshmana’s Life ॥ 50 ॥

Sturdy Like Metal
Most Radiant
Eternal Being
Devoted to Rama
Destroyer of All Demons’ Activities
Slayer of Aksha
Golden-Hued Body
Great Meditator
Slayer of Lankini ॥ 60 ॥

Slayer of Simhika
Dweller of Gandhamadana
The One Who Burnt Lanka
Minister of Sugreeva
Destroyer of Demons
Worshipped by Celestials
Most Radiant ॥ 70 ॥

Deliverer of Rama’s Ring
Changing Format Will
Worshipped by Mynaka Hill
Swallower of the Sun
Controller of the Senses
Mediator between Rama and Sugreeva
Slayer of the Famous Ravana
Lord of Spokesmen ॥ 80 ॥

Skillful Scholar
Protector of the Downtrodden
Supreme Being
Protector of Devotees
Bearer of Sanjeevi Mount
Strong-Willed Meditator
Slayer of Kalanemi ॥ 90 ॥

Lord of Monkeys
Very Composed
Destroyer Of shatakantta’s Arrogance
Crazy of listening to Rama’s Story
Skillful in Finding Sita’s Whereabouts

Born of Shiva ॥ 100 ॥

Remover of Effect of Indrajita’s Brahmastra
Having Foremost Place on Arjuna’s Flag
Destroyer of the Nest made of Arrows
Worshipped by the Universe
Winning Jambavan’s Love
Always Engrossed in Rama’s Service ॥ 108 ॥

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