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Himayat Sagar Lake Hyderabad Tourism Telangana

The capital city of Telangana, Hyderabad is famous for its lakes and most of them have been artificially created with some having history associated with them. One such beautiful place is the Himayat Sagar Lake. Situated about 20 kms away from Hyderabad, it is parallel to its twin lake, Osman Sagar, the latter being larger of the two. In 1908, Musi River that separates the old city and new city of Hyderabad underwent major floods. Thus, the Himayat Sagar Lake was engineered by Late Khaja Mohinuddin and built in 1927. It also became the source of drinking water for Hyderabad and Secunderabad just like the Osman Sagar. It was built during the period of the last Nizam of Hyderabad, Nizam VII and has been named after his son, Himayat Ali Khan.

Himayat Sagar Lake

The main reason of construction of the Himayat Sagar Lake was to store water. Hyderabad city or the Deccan region in general receives only seasonal rainfall once in a year, during the monsoon from June to September. Hence the most important principle behind this Himayat Sagar Lake was to accumulate water and fulfill water requirements of the city for the rest of the year. The lake is also accountable for the revitalized ground water levels of Hyderabad and the area surrounding it.

This is a perfect spot for picnic, as one can see birds flying over, the deep blue skies and feel the energizing gentle wind. If you visit the place at night, you would be captivated by the lake’s magnificence. Once you visit this place, would you realize the popularity of this lake. The locals, from couples to little kids with their parents, from collegiate to middle-aged people, all visit this place to freshen up their minds. Everyone needs a break from the routine city life and so many locals swarm here for the much needed holiday on weekends. This is one of the best tourist spots in Hyderabad, Telangana and tourists have also made this their favorite picnic spot.

The drive to Himayat Sagar Lake is very appealing in itself. It is better if you take a private transport from Hyderabad to the lake. It takes about 50 minutes by road and you won’t know how these 50 minutes passed! On reaching Langar House, a board directs you to the left as ‘Sarvatra Park’. Take this left and drive straight in the direction of Chilkur. Drive till you reach Kaalimata Temple and here the road forks. Take the road on the left and you will head straight to the famous lake. On your journey back, you can stop at the Kaalimata temple and offer prayers.

You are also allowed to stay at the Government Guest House near the lake if you are a Government employee. There are also many other guest houses developed by the State Tourism. Take a small break from your busy routine and get refreshed at this beautiful place with your family and friends.
The lake has no entry fee and is open to visit at all times.

From MGBS Hyderabad 24 Kms.
From Secunderabad 29 Kms.
From Chilkur Balaji Temple 9 Kms.

Principle Features of Himayath Sagar Reservior:

  • Maintained by Hyderabad Metro Politan Water Supply & Sewerage Board.
  • Consulting Engineer Sri Nawab Ali Nawaz Jung
  • Design Engineer Sri Vishweshwaraya
  • Design,,,Q,, Surface flood moderation Musi River & water supply to Twin Cities.
  • Year of Construction 1920 to 1927 AD
  • Cost of Construction Rs 93 Lakhs (OS)
  • Local Longitudinal 7820 Lattitudinal 17.20
  • Name of river ESI
  • Catchment Area free 266.00 Sq miles
  • Intercepted 239.00 SQ Miles
  • Combined 505.00 SQ Miles
  • Bed Level Rl.1690.00 Ft
  • Sill Level Supply Sluice RL.1933.00 Ft
  • Still of Flood Gate RL 1742.00 Ft
  • Still of open vent low level weir Rl.1722.00 Ft
  • Still of open vent Higher level Rl.1774.00 Ft
  • Flood Gate 17 Nos, Each of 15X
  • Permanent Storage level 1763.50 Ft
  • Top of Bund Road RL.1782 To 1784 Ft
  • Top of Parapet RL.1785.25 Ft
  • Maximum Runoffin the river 1,60,000. Cusecs
  • Ares of water spread at parmanent 76.SQ Miles Storage Level
  • Capacity at sill Level 1733.00 211.50 Mcft
  • Capacity at permanent Storage Level 3405.92 Mcft
  • Length of the Dam 7,400 ft
  • Length of Masonart Dam 600 Ft
  • Length of the cpmposite Dam 6,800 Ft
  • Maximum Height of Dam above foundation 111.00 Ft
  • Maximum Height of Dam above Be river 15.00 Ft
  • Road over Masonary Dam 25,00 Ft
  • Road over Composite Dam 23,00 Ft
  • Capacity Between Still & permanent 3232 Tm Cft Storage Level

Himayat Sagar Lake, Hyderabad, 501504, Telangana.

Useful Contact Number: State Tourism – +91 (040) 23450444

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