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Holy Places of Lord Shiva in India


Pancha Aasana Shrines / Temples:
1) Thiruvazhudheesar temple in Ervaadi.
2) Sathyavaakeesar temple in Kalakaadu.
3) Thirunaageshwarar temple in Naanguneri.
4) ManoNmaneesar temple in VijayanaaraayaNapuram.
5) Raamalingar temple in Shenbagaraamanalloor.

Pancha Bootha Shrines / Temples:
1) Sankarankovil, Prithvi (Earth)
2) Karivalamvantha Nalloor, Agni (Fire)
3) Thaarukaapuram, Jalam (Water)
4) Thenmalai, Vaayu (Air)
5) Devathaanam, Aakash (Space)

Nava Lingapurams / Temples:
1) Thirumoola Naathar temple in Vallanaadu
2) Ekaantha Lingar temple in Gaandheeshwaram
3) Ayanaadheeswarar temple in Puraiyoor
4) Kulasekharamudaiyaar temple in Therkukaaraseri
5) Meykandeshwarar temple in Kaayalpattinam
6) Veeramaarthandeswarar temple in Kongaraayakurichi
7) Vadanakkanaayanaar temple in Puthukkudi
8) Nadunakkanaayanaar temple in Velloor
9) Thennakkanaayanaar temple in ManavaLaraayakurichi

Nava Samudra Shrines / Temples:
1) Amba Smudram
2) Ravana Samudram
3) Veeraa Samudram
4) Aranga Samudram
5) Dhalapathi Samudram
6) Vaala Samudram
7) Gopala Samudram
8) Vadamalai Samudram (Pathmaneri)
9) Rathanakara Samudram (Thiruchendur)

Shiva Lingams

Pancha Krosa Shrines / Temples (Equivalent to Varanasi):
1) Shivasailappar temple in Shivasailam
2) Vaneeswarar temple in Aazhvaarkurichi
3) Vilvavananaathar temple in Kadayam
4) Naarumboonaathar temple in Thiruppudai Maruthoor
5) Paapanaasar temple in Paapanaasam

Pancha Peeta Shrines / Temples:
1) Koorma Peedam in Brahmadesam
2) Chakra Peedam in Kutraalam
3) Padma Peedam in Thenkaasi
4) Gaanthi Peedam in Thirunelveli
5) Kumari Peedam in Kanyakumari

Shiva Kailasam (Aathi Kailasam):
1)Kailasanathar temple in Brahmadesam
2) Kailasanathar temple in Ariyanaayakipuram
3) Thenkailayanathar (Nellaiyappar Kovil) in Thirunelveli (Southern Kailasam)
4) Kailasanathar temple in Keezhanatham (Melur)
5) Kailasanathar temple in Murappa Naadu
6) Kailasanathar temple in Srivaikundam
7) Kailasanathar temple in Thenthirupperai
8) Kailasanathar temple in Chernthapoomangalam
9) Kailasanathar temple in Gangaikondaan

Nava Kailasam:

S. No. Place Name Planet Name Temple Name
1. Papanasam Surya (Sun) Paapanasar, Ulagammai
2. Cheranmadevi Chandran (Moon) Ammainaathar, Avudainayaki
3. Kodakanaloor Sevvai (Mars) Kailasanathar, Sivakami
4. Kunnathoor Rahu (Gomid) Gothaparameshwarar, Sivakami
5. Murappanadu Guru (Jupitar) Kailasanathar, Sivakami
6. Srivaikundam Sani (Saturn) Kailasanathar, Sivakami
7. Thenthirupperai Buthan (Mercury) Kailasanathar, Ponnammal
8. Rajapathi Kethu (Cat’s eye) Kailasanathar, Ponnammal
9. Sernthapoomangalam Sukran (Venus) Kailasanathar, Ponnammal

Dasa Veerattana Shrines (West Facing Shiva Temples):

S. No. Place Name Planet Name Temple Name
1. Shivasailam Baktha Shrine Shivasailappar temple
2. Vazhuthoor Mahesa Shrine Agneeswarar temple
3. Kodakanalloor PrAna Linga Shrine Avimuktheeswarar temple
4. Chingikulam GyAna Linga Shrine Kailasanathar temple
5. Melanatham CharaNa Shrine Agneeswarar temple
6. Rajavallipuram Sahaya Shrine Agneeswarar temple
7. Thenmalai Pirasaathi Shrine Thiruppaatheeswaramudaiyar temple
8. Angamangalam Kriyalinga Shrine Narasingaeswaramudaiyar temple
9. Kaayalpattinam Thrivitha Sampath Shrine Meykandeswarar temple
10. Thirparappu Panchaakra Shrine Mahadevar Temple

Lord Raman Worshipped Panchalinga Shrines / Temples:
1) Kailasanatham in Chingikulam
2) Somanaatham in Devanalloor
3) Nellaiyappar in Pathumaneri
4) Kulasekaranaatham in Puthai
5) Sathyavaakeesam in Kalakkadu

2 Sabhas in Thirunelveli District:
1) Chithra Sabha (Imagery) in Thirukutraalam
2) Thaamira Sabha (Copper) in Thirunelveli

Muppeeda Shrines / Temples (33 Holy Places):
1) Thirumoolanathar temple in Ambasamudram
2) Thirugoshtiyoor temple in Oorkaadu
3) Thirumoolanathar temple in Vallanadu

Vaali Worshiped Shrines / Temples:
1) Thiruvaaleeswaar temple in Thiruvaaleeswaram
2) Thiruvaleeswarar temple in Keezhappavoor
3) Thiruvaleeswarar temple in Thenkasi Vaaliyanpaththai

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