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How to Perform Rahu Kethu Pooja Srikalahasti Temple


For the Devotees of Shree Kalahasthi Temple

There will be lot of touts selling pooja Articles.

Do not purchase ANY POOJA ARTICLE outside the temple or in the temple compound.

Purchase the Pooja articles from the temple official counter which comes after the second temple gopuram when entering through the south face entrance. If entering thro the west face entrance the counter comes to your left side. Entering in the south – west entrance you can see the counter to your right side.

The sellers outside and inside the temple compound always try to sell unnecessary pooja articles and tips to the devotees, charging around Rs.250 to 300 or above, so do not get fooled on their talks.

Avoid these folks, enter the temple complex (south face entrance only) with Footwear, and just walk in further a little, you will find the Free footwear safe keeping counters maintained by the temple devasthanam. You can find the cell phone safe keeping counter near the main Entrance of the main temple after purchasing the ticket for the required pooja.

Reach the Ticket Counter one of two hours before any sort of pooja you want to perform.
On buying the ticket from the Temple ticket counter you will be give the required things for the pooja and nothing else to purchase from outside shops.

The Temple priest will make you sit in a row and a priest explains what to be done with the items you buy.Sri Kalahasti Temple

About Rahu Kethu Pooja Performing Details:

For Rahu Kethu pooja you will be given items such as two small silver idols of Rahu & Ketu snakes form, Kumkum (Vermilion), two types of horse-grams, betel nuts and leaves, coconuts etc.

The Temple Priest will announce some instructions through a microphone in Telegu, Tamil, Hindi & Malayalam about how to perform the pooja to Rahu & Kethu idols on your own. It takes 45 mins for a batch to finish the Rahu Kethu Pooja.

After finishing the Rahu Kethu pooja, you are allowed free to go to have the darshan of Lord Shiva and Goddess Gnanaprasunambhika Devi idols. The duration to have dharshan will be around 20 to 30 minutes as per the crowd. Devotees throng into the temple more on Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays.
Regarding the cost of Tickests for the Poojas at Sree Kalahasthi Please click Here

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  1. Hello sir my son is three year old…his birthdate is on 9 April 2015…n time 3:44 pm.his name is Advik Singh.by birth he is having a lot of problems…his walking delayed.. behaviour problem n now also he is not taking yet…I met lot of bandit but all of them had ask me to do different looks…wat to do?

    • Dear Shalu Singh
      Your son is born in Budha dasa and its very weak and hence suffering with health issues.
      Please do the following poojas for you kid.
      Rahu kethu on a Sunday rahu kaalam time. Or you plan and post a comment and i will give dates for that month. First offer worship or pooja to Lord Ganesh and then do the rahu kethu pooja.
      And need to do pooja for Lord Sun and Mercury (Budha). Performing Adithya parayana is must.
      Regularly perform pooja to Lord Ganesh and Hanuman at home and visit temple also.
      Maha Mrithyunjeya jap homa and attending Pradhosha kaal pooja is also beneficial.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  2. Dear Sir,

    My name is MURAHANANDAM, DOB : 25/07/1967, 22.05 hrs BORN AT VIJAYAPURI NORTH, NAGARJUNA SAGAR, My financial position is not at all stable and unable to do proceed with any kind of business. Can you please suggest me with some parihara to stablilise and to do some business.

    Awaiting for your kind suggestion.



    • Dear Anand.
      You have vasi yoga and hence you are struggling for a stable income. Also rahu is place in 2nd house which is not good.
      So just worship Lord Hanuman regularly by reciting hanuman chaleesha daily or on every Tuesday and Saturday. Ardent worship of this lord will maket you boost up your confidence.
      You can also do the rahu kethu pooja since rahu is not placed well. Start with a simple ganesha pooja before this parihara pooja.
      Namah shivaya

  3. Dear sir,

    My name is Rajesh Born on 01/04/1991 at gudiyatham, Tamilnadu.

    Father: Balaiah M
    Mother: Bharathi D

    My question is, I live in bangalore I was jogging in a ground while running on the track I just saw a snake entered the track in front of me and it wasn’t moving for around 1 minute it was looking at me I just got scared and jumped 3 meters away and I too was just looking at the snake till it is gone…

    Snake description: it was around 2.5 to 3 feet long may be brown colour, I am not sure it is naag or other snake it was dark in there I did not observe much I was too scared.

    I am preparing for a government job in karnataka electricity board. ..

    What exactly it was indicating to me???

    Sir plz help me what should I do now.

    • Dear Rajesh
      You don’t have Rahu Kethu dosham.
      Here we need to see which dasha you are in and for that need your time of birth also. If we finalise that we can tell you.
      You told that you have seen a snake but could not confirm whether it is cobra or any other. We need a confirmation about which snake is that. Then only we can say you about the Shakun (good or bad).
      No matter about the snake here. God comes in any form to alert us as a sign. Dont think whether it is positive or negative.
      It is a sign just to warn you to be VERY CAREFUL, in putting your each steps forward to achieve your goals.
      One thing i can say you – the result depends on the way we think about positive or negative and approach about it, keep update our knowledge and use our best presence of mind. We can be confident wen we are in best knowledge.
      So don’t think about the snake issue. Just see at your goal and look forward of what to do.
      Best remedy (if possible do these ) –
      Just worship Lord Hanuman daily, ardently in the morning and visit his temple when ever possible. Tie a Hanuman dollar to your neck and always have a sindoora namam on you fore head.
      Also recite the Gayathri Manthra for 108 times daily in the morning. This prevents you from all the malefic planets.
      Every Saturday circumnavigate the Navagraha continuously of till your possibility.

      Namah Shivaya

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