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India Temple Association Upcoming Events, Hours

India Temple Association Hours:

7:30 AM to 12:30 PM and 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM
Aarti at 12:00 noon and 8:00 PM daily.
Aarti time is subject to change on Special occasions & Festival days.

India Temple Association Upcoming Events:

Sunderkand Path on Saturday May 19 10.00 AM

Satynanaryan Puja on Tuesday May 29 @ 6.00 PM at the Mandir

Balvihar Annual Day Show is Saturday, May 12th at 2.00 PM @ Harrington Middle School—514 Mount Laurel Road, Mount Laurel

Walk with American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life of Marlton on Saturday, June 2 at 4pm @Cherokee HS—120 Tomlinson Mill Rd, Marlton

Graduation Yagna and Awards Ceremony June 24, Sunday at 3.00 PM in temple

India Temple Association

Calendar 2018 and Vikram Samvat 2074 Yearly Event Overview Insert included in Nov. Satsang Sandesh

Senior Social Group, every Tuesday in the Social Hall @ 1.00PM in the Mandir

Free Yoga Classes, every Thursday Morning from 10-11:15 AM in the Mandir, please bring your mat and contact Hina Desai at 856-495-5864 with any questions.

Free Notary Service by our ITA Members—- the following ITA members provide Free Notary Service to our community: Ghanshyam Dave.:856-596-7531; Raman Modhera: 856-528-2863 and Dalapat patel: 609-298-2724

Marlton Gita Study Group, every Tuesday at 8.00 PM, please contact Lata Pimplaskar [email protected] for information

Special Prayers:
ITA has a program whereby you can have prayers performed on your behalf every year

on a special day in your life by pledging $301. Also, at your request, Shri. Bhupendra

Shuklaji or Shri Sudhir Jhaji will perform a special puja on your behalf, or the regular

temple puja performed on the designated day will be dedicated in your name. Below are the donors for this month.

• Nanu Maisuria May 02 Sushil & Kamala Chandra May 19

• Narendra H. Amin May 05 Sharad Pandya May 19

• Harendra Dave May 05 Upendra & Rekha Shah May 25

• Rajubhai Patel May 05 Priti & Tejas Patel May 26

• Shreyansi M. Shah May 08 Siddhi Vasa May 26

• Sudhaben Patel May 09 Mahesh Dixit May 26

• Bhal Patel May 10 Pooja & Jayesh Khatiwala May 27

• Iti Bar May 11 Naresh Talati May 27

• Narsinh Sangani May 15 Isvar Patel May 28

• Natwarlal Contractor May 16 Nishta Patel-Hudson May 28

• Ruchi Talati Shah May 16 Dipti & Monil Pandya May 29

• Mahendra Jaiswal May 17 Jayanti & Kalaben Patel May 29

• Upendra & Rekha Shah May 17 Jayant Pandya May 31

Satyanarayan Puja:
This is the ceremonial start of the Hindu wedding season with the marriage of the tulsi plant to Lord Vishnu. Event occurs May 29 at 6.00 PM.

Sundarkand Paath:
Sundarkand Paath on Saturday, May 19 @ 10.00 AM to 12.00 Noon

Programs for Seniors by HSC:
We will have two meetings for Seniors for the Month of May, 2018:-
First meeting will be held on May 10, 2018 at 6.30 PM at ICC Marlton, NJ

Drs. Monica Awsare and Mayank Lahoti will talk about colon-cancer screening, gastroesophageal reflex, inflammatory bowl disease, chronic liver diseases and irritable bowl syndrome, followed by Q&A session.

Drs. Monica and Mayank are gastroenterologists and their practice is located in Lumberton, NJ. Dr. Awsare received her medical degree from Georgetown University and fellowship in Gastroenterology at Jefferson. Dr.Lahoti received his medical degree from Lake Erie College and fellowship in Gastroenterology at Albany Medical Center.

Second meeting will be held on May 24, 2018 at 6.30 PM at ICC Marlton, NJ

Bharat Kenjale,a long time practitioner of Yoga, Meditation, Breath-work and self-development will talk about HOW TO RECHARGE YOUR MIND-LIVE AT 100 %-UNLOCK THE FREEDOM WITHIN. Calm the mind with a two minute breathing exercise, enjoy effortless guided meditation for deep rest, explore the remarkable body-breath mind connection.

Bharat Kenjale holds a Masters degree in IT and also an MBA.


Ram Arora, President

Senior Social Group
Senior Social Group will meet each Tuesday at 1pm in the Social Hall at Berlin Mandir. Please contact Mr. Bhulabhai Bhakatiji at 856-983-0769 for details!

We will be reciting Vishnu Sahasranamam and Lalitha Sahasranamam on Friday, May 4th at our Berlin Temple. We will start at 10:30 am.

This will be followed by Aarti at 12 noon.

Please join us with family and friends and get Blessings.

ITA Balvihar Program Enrollment for 2018 -2019 Year Opens on Saturday, May 12th, 2018

Purpose: To teach Vedic Heritage and Indian Culture to children (Pre-K to 8th Grade).

Curriculum Summary:
Pre-K-Children 4+ – Hindu Art, Shlokas/Songs/Story
KG (Meghaa) – Stories from Panchatantra, Indian Festivals
1st (Saagar) – Stories from Puranas, Intro. to Gods/Goddess, Intro. to India
2nd (Vaayu) – Bala Bhagavatam, Stories of Saints, Intro. to India II
3rd (Pavan) – Ramayana, Important Indian Historical Figures
4th (Aakash) – Mahabharata I, History: Mauryan Dynasty
5th (Gagan) – Mahabharata II, History: Gupta Dynasty/South Indian Empires
6th (Agni) – Values, Analysis of Ramayana/Mahabharata characters, History: Mughal dynasty
7th (Marut) – Principles of Hinduism & Ishvara, History: British Rule
8th (Medhaa) – Religious Disciplines, Culture, Tradition, Vedic Chanting, Evolution of civilization
Timing: 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM two Sundays a month starting on September 9th and ending on May 5th
Location: Marlton Middle School (150 Tomlinson Mill Road, Marlton, NJ)
Fee: $157 on or before June 30th / $207 on or after July 1st. (ITA MEMBERSHIP REQUIRED)
Please explore the Balvihar webpage for the calendar, curriculum and greater program details.
The website is
Questions? Email [email protected] or call Samir Patel at 201-657-8661

YOGA and Pranayam Classes at Berlin Mandir

How do we stay physically and mentally HEALTHY? Yoga – done on regular basis is the answer. So come in large numbers and enjoy the yoga classes in the serene atmosphere of the temple.

Dr. Gandhi will resume yoga classes as of April. along with Hina Desai. Please review the schedule.

Every Tuesday and Thursday at 9 am and Saturday at 8.30am. The class is usually 1 hour and 15 minutes. Come with yoga mat, on an empty stomach at least for 2 hours. Classes are free. but If you wish to give donation please give on the name of temple for providing us with the beautiful space.

May Tuesdays——1,8,15,22; at 9.00 AM
May Thursdays——3,10,17; at 9.00 AM
May Saturdays—12,19; at 8:30 AM

Contact: Dr. Veena S. Gandhi: 856 435 9148; Hina Desai Cell Phone: 856-495-5864

Ekal Vidyalaya:

You all have enjoyed Ekal Vidyalaya program recently. Now is the chance to learn how Ekal is helping to improve health in these villages by the various projects.

Please save the date JUNE 10th at 10 am at ICC for this great event. More details to come soon.

Daytime Gita Study Group

Keeping in view a large number of retirees and those who are at home, I will be starting a Gita study group at the Mandir on Tuesday’s starting on May 15th from 11am to 12noon, finishing up with the noontime Aarti.

The format will be informal as we go through verse by verse and look at word meaning to understand the vision of our great scripture. I hope the group to participate in Q&A and open discussion. Since Gita covers all aspects of our
life, even a brief exposure to this study no Matter where in the course can be very beneficial. I urge everyone to
come and join.

Please call or email me for any question or more info.
Sharad Pimplaskar
(856) 466-1430
[email protected]

India Temple Association Location:

25 Taunton Ave,
NJ 08009, USA
Phone: +1 856-768-6785