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ISKCON Temple Sarajevo, Bosina & Herzegovina

About the Temple:
The temple was established on October 8, 2009. The temple has 4 brahmacaries who mainly distribute books and also serve for spiritual meetings of members of the congregation and as a center of preaching for newcomers. Every day we have Mangal Arati at 5:00, Guru Puja and Bhagavatam at 7:15 and Bhagavad Gita at 18:30. We organize the festivities on Sunday at 17h and the annual ceremonies of the festival. The congregation of Sarajevo has about 100 devotees. A group of them has been involved in the “Food for Life” project over the past 20 years, spiritually visiting and entertaining people in day care centers, orphanages and homes for people with mental retardation. The Deities who preside over our temple are Sri-Sri Gaura-Nitai, which are not formally established. If anyone wants to visit our temple from abroad and stay a few days, we strongly recommend that you contact us in advance

ISKCON Temple Sarajevo

Sarajevo ISKCON Address:
Pofalicka 11,
Bosina & Herzegovina – 71000
Phone: +387 33 973088
Email: [email protected]
Contact person: Dhira-prasanta das, Mobile: +387 61150115.