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Sao Paulo ISKCON Temple, Brazil

About Sao Paulo ISKCON:
Our “old temple” of São Paulo, which is already known for its history and trajectory in the city. Besides the traditional proposal of the presentation of Bhakti Yoga, the yoga of devotion, which is our essence, we are also presenting new projects and proposals for different audiences.

Here we are like the Hare Krishna Center of Bhakti Yoga, with a clean, transparent, light face, with Lord Krishna at the center of all our activities, opening our doors to all those who are in search of spiritual life and a personal relationship with God.

ISKCON Temple Sao Paulo, Brazil

A lot of you already know about our spiritual programs and activities that take place during the week, the Lapidar and Bhakti-Vriksha study groups, the daily morning classes, the Food For Life that distributes food in needy areas of the city. At weekends our space gets even more lively with the gastronomic festivals that present a novelty to each edition, and finally our festival that happens on Sundays, gathering a little of everything that we can present on this ancient culture.

At last, we are the Hare Krishna Center of Bhakti Yoga, we leave our doors open to participate in all these activities and for those

which are yet to come! We wait for you!
Hare Krishna

Sao Paulo ISKCON Temple Address:
Rua Tomas Goncalves,
70 – Butanta,
Sao Paulo,
CEP: 05590-030
Phone: (11) 3661-8440

Sao Paulo ISKCON Temple, Brazil

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