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Koviladi Appakkudathaan Perumal Temple Timings, History | 108 Divya Desam

Koviladi Appakkudathaan Perumal Temple Timings:

Morning: 7:00 AM to 12.30 PM
Evening: 4.30 PM to 8.30 PM

About Koviladi Appakkudathaan Perumal Temple & History:

Thiruper Nagar – Koviladi Sri Appakudathan Perumal is a Divya kshetram, located closer to Trichy and about 10 kms from Lalgudi, by road. This place is also called Indragiri, Palaasavanam. This kshetram together with Srirangapatnam in Karnataka, Srirangam, Kumbakonam and Mayiladuthurai along the course of river Kaveri are called Pancharanga kshetrams.

This temple is situated on a small hillock, named Indragiri, and is easily accessible. The presiding deity is Appakkudathaan in a reclining posture holding a pot in one hand and the Thayar Indra Devi, also called Kamalavalli. The Theertham is Indra theertham and the Vimanam Indra Vimanam.

Legend has it that Lord Vishnu blessed Markandeya rishi and Uparisaravasar at this shetram. According to the sthala purna, the Pandyan king Uparisaravasar while hunting a rogue elephant by mistake killed a Brahmin performing tapas on the banks of the river. Repenting for his act, the king renounced his throne and wandered around, finally reaching Tirupper Nagar. One day Lord Siva appeared before the king and asked him to worship Lord Vishnu at this shetram to get rid of the Brahmahati dosham. There upon the king built a temple for Lord Vishnu and each day after worship offered food together with appam, and payasam, to the Brahmins who came to his house. One day Lord Vishnu came to the king’s house disguised as a poor Brahmin and informed that he is tired and hungry and needed food. The king requested the Brahmin to wait till the other Brahmins also assembled. But He conveyed to the king that He is too hungry and cannot wait. There upon, the king agreed to serve Him food. But to the surprise of the king the Brahmin ate all the food, and wanted some more. The king requested Him to take rest and went in to cook some more. At that time Markandeya rishi, who was informed by Siva to seek refuge in Lord Vishnu for longevity of life, was directed to the King”s place to worship Lord Vishnu taking rest as an old Brahmin. Accordingly the rishi went to the king’s house where he saw the old Brahmin lying on the couch holding an appa kudam in one hand. Markandeya approached the Brahmin and bowed 100 times. Lord Vishnu regaining His original form lifted his hand from the appa kudam and blessed Markandeya with longevity of life. He also blessed the king to get rid of the dosham.

We find the moolavar in the reclining posture in the temple holding appakudam and blessing Markandeya. Since Markandeya got his longevity of life the tank in this shetram is called Mruthyu vinasini Theertham. Appam is offered in this temple to the Lord, every night.

Azwhar Mangalaasaasanam:

Periyaazhwar – 173-205 Tirumangai Azhwar – 1428-37, 1851, 1857, 2048, 2050, 2059, 2060, 2070, 2673 (70), 2674 (118) Tirumazhisai Azhwar – 2417 Nammaazhwar –3744-54 (pasuram numbers as in Naalaayira Divya Prabhandam)

It is believed that Nammaazwar attained moksham at this place and his last compositions were about this place and the Lord.

Inscriptions of service to this temple by Chola and Vijayanagara dynasties are found in the temple. Vaikunta Ekadasi and the annual Brahmotsavam during the Tamil month Panguni are being celebrated with “Aaaru kaala poojai” being performed daily.

Koviladi Appakkudathaan Perumal Temple

Appakkudathaan Perumal Temple rituals are performed four times a day:
Kalasanthi at 8:30 AM
Uchikalam at 10:00 AM
Sayarakshai at 6:00 PM
Ardha Jamam at 8:00 PM

Each ritual comprises three steps for the presiding deity:
Alangaram / decoration
Neivethanam / food offering
Deepa Aradanai / waving of lamps

Major Festivals Celebrated Appakkudathaan Perumal Temple:

1) 13-day Panguni Brahmotsavam.
2) Kaisika Dwadasi in Karthigai (November – December).
3) Teertha Vari at the River Cauvery on the day of Maasi Magam (February – March).
4) Nammazhwar Moksham during Era Pathu in Margazhi (December – February).
5) The chariot festival is the most prominent festival celebrated during the Tamil month of Panguni (April–May).
6) Vaikunta Ekadashi during December–January.
7) Navarathri during September – October .
8) Butter pot breaking ceremony (locally called uri adi).

Appakkudathaan Perumal Temples Nearby:

Agneeswarar Koil, Thirukattupalli
Thiruvaneswarar Temple, Ranganathapuram
Erumbeeswarar Temple in Thiruverumbur
Jambukeswarar Kovil at Thiruvanaikaval
Karumbeswarar Temple, Thirukkanur

Appakkudathaan Perumal Temples Address:

Sri Appakudathan Temple,
Koviladi (Tirupair)-613 105,
Thanjavur district
Phone +91- 4362-281488, 281460.

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