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Kuntala Waterfalls Adilabad Tourist Places in Telangana

Best time to visit: Monsoon season from July to November is the best time to visit so that tourists can enjoy the full flow of the waterfalls.

Adilabad-Kuntala-WaterfallsSituated on the Kadam River in a small village of Neredikonda, this Kuntala Waterfalls paints a stunning panorama in the Adilabad tourism horizon and waterfalls of Telangana. This is said to be the highest waterfall in Telangana State and it gives an awe-experience in the hearts of the tourists as it splashes out from over the mountain range. The sheet of water from the River Kadam, which is a tributary of the Godavari River, cascades over two separate steps. This waterfall is 147 feet high and in peak monsoon, it appears as two adjacent waterfalls. Therefore, tourists visiting this falls in monsoon are bound to double their pleasures at the cost of one.

The Kuntala Waterfalls is associated with an attractive tale. It is believed that the beautiful Shakuntala often visited this charming spot and used to bathe in Kuntala’s pure waters. She also fell in love with King Dushyanth at this very spot. Hence, the waterfall is also named after the legendary mythological beauty.

Well-built roads lead to the waterfalls from Nirmal or from Adilabad. All vehicles travel till Kuntala, the access point of the falls. From Kuntala, it is small walk of 10-20 minutes including climbing down 408 steps that have been made into the hills to help visitors reach the foot of the falls. On reaching the foot of the falls, the sight that one sees as one looks up is spellbinding. The 147 feet high water gushing down and splattering joyfully as it touches the ground is a mesmerizing sight. It is risky to get into the waters during the monsoons as it has sharp rocks and twists.
The Kuntala waterfall is a great choice for one day trip from Hyderabad. The place around the waterfall is so beautiful that it seems to be a perfect weekend outing with family and friends. On the days when the flow of water is less, tourists can enjoy a walk on the river bed and sit around on the speckled boulders for a prolonged photo session.

The depth at the point where the water falls on the ground is said to be more than 300 feet for the left waterfall and 700 feet for the right waterfall. One of the falls is also called as ‘Deva Kanyala Gundam’, and the locals here believe that angels visit this waterfall even to this day. The tourists are advised not to visit the waterfall during nights, also as it is a dense forest; it is not safe to wander away from the waterfalls.
The Kuntala waterfall is a favorite among Gods as well. As a proof of this, one can find Someshwara Swami temple situated near the Kuntala falls. This temple is devoted to worship Lord Shiva. The temple attracts many devotees with its charming picture perfect background of the waterfalls. The temple is located in a small cave in between the two waterfalls of Kuntala. The entrance of this cave is in oval shape of 1.5 feet wide and 2.5 feet in length. Locals also believe that a sage used this cave temple as a place for meditation. Tourists can visit this temple only between March and June. During monsoons, the flow of water will be very huge that the cave gets filled with water. The place sees maximum crowd during the Maha Shivaratri festival when devotees rush to offer their prayers to Lord Shiva. The temple can be visited through a small passage cut into the hills through which the Kuntala Waterfalls flow.

Set amidst the Sahyadri Mountains, the Kuntala Waterfalls is a natural boon to Adilabad tourism. The road leading to the falls has emerald green forests on both sides and is an enchanting scene. The view as the road swiftly opens into the foamy waters of the Kuntala Waterfalls is spectacular. Tourists are sure to stop over at this place while on a trip to Adilabad.

Kuntala-Waterfalls-AdilabadDistance to Kuntala Waterfalls:
Hyderabad is 250 Kms approx 5 hours Journey
Nirmal is approx. 41 Kms approx 1 hours Journey
Adilabad town is 57 Kms approx 1.5 hours Journey

Special Attractions:
The pleasing scenery and the magnificent views are a major attraction for all tourists visiting this Kuntala waterfall.
The Kuntala Waterfall has a unique mixture of sites for religious and pleasure trips. While its view spellbinds the tourists, the Someshwara Swami temple attracts the pious as well.
It is an ideal family picnic spot and also a beautiful home for nature-loving photographers.
Talk to the locals there to get more interesting and surprising facts about the place.
Hyderabad to Kuntala Waterfalls Route by Road: From Hyderabad, reach NH 7 via Bowenpally. After crossing Neredikonda, take right and drive for 11 km and you reach Kuntala Waterfalls.

How to reach Kuntala Waterfalls: Buses run between Hyderabad and Neredigonda. Tourists can bhire private vehicles from Neredigonda to reach the waterfalls. Buses also ply from Hyderabad to Nirmal, located at a distance of 30 km from Neredigonda, the entry point to the falls.

From Hyderabad(MGBS) to Nirmal first bus starts at 3:30 AM, Last Bus is 11.45 pm. In between for every 1 hour there is a bus.
Hyderabad (MGBS) to Adilabad via Kamareddy, Armoor and Nirmal starting at 4:30 AM for every 2 hours till 11:15 PM.

Nearest Railway Station: Adilabad Railway Station is the nearest station that can be accessed to reach the fall. It is located at a distance of 57 km from the falls.

Kuntala Waterfalls Accommodation:
The best place to stay for tourists visiting this waterfall is Nirmal or Adilabad. Some of the reasonable hotels at these places include Sri Krishna Residency, Haritha Hotel, Sanjay Lodge, Tirumala Lodge, Raviteja Hotel and Laxmi Residency Hotel.
There is also a guest house at Kuntala Waterfalls. Locals can help in arranging for accommodation there.

Food Facilities:
Food can be packed at Nirmal which is on the way to Pochera Waterfalls.
Locals can also cook food for tourists and can be paid accordingly.


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