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Pochera Waterfalls Adilabad Telangana


Cascading Beauty of Sahyadris: The Sahyadri Mountain ranges, adjoining the geographical borders of the Adilabad district, is home to many mind-blowing waterfalls. One such mesmerizing waterfall is the Pochera Waterfall in the mountain ranges. This waterfall is located at a distance of 35 km from Nirmal on the NH 7 and can be viewed on the way to Adilabad.
Unlike the other monsoon fed waterfalls, this Pochera Waterfalls fall straight from the River Godavari in Telangana. This beautiful Pochera Waterfalls splashes down from a height of 20 meters, after several rivulets of water branching out from the Godavari River merge at this point. Before gushing down, this water from different streams come together on a platform formed at the top of a mountain. This looks like a small lake and is the uniqueness of Pochera Waterfalls which makes it different from any other waterfall found in the country.
The pure and intact virgin forests of the Sahyadri Mountains act as an ideal background to this amazing waterfall. The temporary lake which is formed on top of the mountain before the waterfall slips down is set amidst the dense forest and gives visitors a captivating experience.
Even though the Pochera waterfall was discovered recently, it has already started started catching the attention of enormous crowds. Most often, people travelling to another waterfall called Kuntala waterfalls, stop over this waterfall to enjoy its delightful beauty. The sound of the gushing waters is believed to help soothe the mind and spread a sense of harmony.
The thick vegetation has made it a perfect habitat for a whole horde of flora and fauna. The synchrony of the water sound and the tweeting birds seems to create a pleasant harmony. The rocks close to the falls which lie scattered around forms a natural seating arrangement for tourists to climb and relax. The cool mist of the falling waters helps in refreshing the mind and the soul.
The best time to visit this Pochera waterfall is during the monsoon month when the rain waters form luxuriant greenery surrounding the falls. The sight from the top of the falls on a monsoon evening is simply astonishing and is surely a treat to the eyes.
The river fed Waterfalls like Kuntala and Pochera are sure to add a whole new dimension to Adilabad Tourism. Therefore, a trip to Adilabad is incomplete without seeing the awe-inspiring Pochera Waterfalls.

Special Attractions:
The picture-perfect and soothing atmosphere of the Pochera Waterfall is a major attraction for the exhausted city souls.
This is an ideal spot for family picnic and is definitely a treat to nature-loving photographers.
Talk to the locals around to get some interesting and surprising facts about the place.
Pochera Waterfalls Route by Road from Hyderabad:
From Hyderabad, reach the NH 7 from Bowenpally. Cross Neredikonda, drive for 3 kms on NH 7 and take left. Drive for 3.7 kms and you reach Pochera Waterfalls.

How to Reach: This Pochera Waterfalls is located at a distance of 266 km from Hyderabad and 37 km from Nirmal. Buses shuttle from Hyderabad to Nirmal. Visitors can travel to Neredigonda, which is the nearby village of the falls. From here, private vehicles are available to reach the waterfalls.


RTC Bus Timings:
Hyderabad (MGBS) to Nirmal starting at 3:30 AM and every one hour till 11:45 PM. Hyderabad (MGBS) to Adilabad via Kamareddy, Armoor and Nirmal starting at 4:30 AM and every two hours till 11:15 PM.

Nearest Railway Station:
Adilabad Railway Station is the nearest railway station that can be accessed to reach the fall. It is located at a distance of 50 km from the falls.

Where to stay:
Tourists can stay at Nirmal or Adilabad while paying a visit to the Pochera and Kuntala Waterfalls. Some of the reasonable hotels at these places include Sri Krishna Residency, Haritha Hotel, Sanjay Lodge, Tirumala Lodge, Raviteja Hotel and Laxmi Residency Hotel.

Food Facilities:
Food can be packed at Nirmal which is on the way to Pochera Waterfalls.
Locals can also cook food for tourists and can be paid accordingly.
Best time to visit: Monsoon season from July to November is the best time to visit so that tourists can enjoy the full flow of Pochera Waterfalls.

Distance to Pochera Waterfalls:
266 kilometers from Hyderabad to Pochera Waterfalls and will take 5 hours to reach
37 kilometers from Nirmal is approx will take one hour to reach.
50 kilometers from Adilabad can reach in 1.5 hours.

Some Useful Contact Numbers:
Adilabad Tourism Officer: 9440816087
Sri Krishna Residency, Hotel, (Opp: Nirmal Toys Showroom, Nirmal), Tel: 08734-244255, Mobile: 9705972103

Pochera Waterfalls Adilabad Telangana

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