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Laad Bazaar Hyderabad Biggest Bangles Market Telangana

Are you a tourist visiting Hyderabad? Have you settled in Hyderabad and want to go on a special shopping spree? Do you want to buy something very exceptional and very Hyderabadi? Laad Bazaar is the place for you.

Bangle Bazaar Hyderabad

Laad Bazaar is also known as Chudi Bazar, ‘Chudi’ meaning bangles. Laad Bazaar is a well-known and a very old bangles market, located at Charminar, Old city in Hyderabad. ‘Laad’ is a kind of substance used for making bangles, called as lacquer in English. This Chudi Bazaar is a happening and vivacious shopping centre of Hyderabad all through the year. It is located in one of the streets that lead to the Charminar. Besides bangles, one can also find a variety of Sarees, Sherwanis, Silk clothing, pearls, paintings, handmade wooden work, semi-precious stones, dupattas, perfumes, special stone studded bangles, Hyderabadi glass work, and much more in Laad Bazaar.

Laad Bazaar started operating during the Qutub Shahi rule, which is more than 400 years back. The market improved during the Nizam rule. The shopping center is stretched to about 1 km long in the old city near Charminar. The variety of bangles available here matches all kinds of dresses a woman wears and is a must visit place during shopping for weddings, festivals and other special occasions.

There are many makers of bangles in the Laad Bazaar but there are a few famous North Indian bangle makers who make special variety of bangles called ‘Lac Bangles’. 6-7 people make one Lac bangle with all the dazzling stones and sparkling effect in 3 long hours. The price of these special Lac bangles in Laad Bazaar starts from Rs 1200 and goes up to more than Rs 10000.
Extraordinary varieties of bangles made of silver and brass embedded with pearls are available in Chudi Bazaar. These bangles are especially ordered for weddings.

These Hyderabadi Laad Bazaar bangles are very well known in the Middle East. Travelers from all over the world, in particular Americans and Europeans love these bangles very much.

A very common sight one can see in Laad Bazaar is bargaining. All girls must visit this place and select her best bangles but should not forget to bargain before purchasing something.

The delight and happiness that you enjoy walking on the superb glitzy streets of Laad Bazaar is definitely an extraordinary remembrance that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Interesting Facts Laad Bazaar Hyderabad :
Biggest Bangles market of India.
More than 400 years old market
Bangles starting from Rs.6 to Rs.10000 are available Here

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