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List of Lord Subramanian Temples in Kerala

Lord Muruga or Lord Subramanya is a popular deity in South India, especially among Tamil people. He has many names they are Muruga, Karthikeya, Kumara, Velayudha, Shanmugha, Subramanya and so on. His main weapon is known as ‘Vel’, which was given by his mother Parvathi. Thus known as Velayudha. He was born as the second son of Lord Siva and Parvathy Devi. But he was brought up by six mothers known as Krithika devi’s, hence he is also known as Karthikeyan. The intension of the birth of Muruga was to kill ‘Tharaka’, the crude and cruel asura. He has six faces, Peacock is his Vahana, Valli and Devayani are his two wives. He is known as the God of War. One specialty of Lord Muruga is that he will always be young and handsome.

List of Lord Muruga Temples in Kerala:

  1. Aarpookkara
  2. Arangavu
  3. Banthedukka Subramanian
  4. Chalingadu Subramanian
  5. Cheloor Subramanian
  6. Chembre Subramanian
  7. Chemmanda Subramanian
  8. Cheriyanadu Subramanian
  9. Cheruvannur Subramanian
  10. Chevayoor Subramanian
  11. Elangunnapuzha Subramanian
  12. Eravimangalam Subramanian
  13. Eruthavoor Balasubramanian
  14. Harippadu Subramanian
  15. Karikkadu Subramanian, Malappuram
  16. Kattukukke Subramanian
  17. Kedakulam Cherukara Subramanian, Trivandrum
  18. Kidangoor Subramanian
  19. Kodakara Kunnathrikkovil Subramanian
  20. Kodumbu Subramanian, Palakkad
  21. Kodunthara Subramanian
  22. Koottumadam Subramanian
  23. Kottekunnu Subramanian, Kollam
  24. Kumarakulam Subramanian
  25. Kuzhoor Subramanian
  26. Malleeswaran Kovil Subramanian
  27. Mannam Subramanian
  28. Methrikovil Subramanian
  29. Moonnar Subramanian
  30. Munikkallu Guhalayam
  31. Naduvannoor Subramanian
  32. Nelpini Subramanian
  33. Padinjattumuri Subramanian
  34. Paliekkara Subramanian
  35. Paloor Kalarikkal Subramanian, Malappuram
  36. Panmana Subramanian
  37. Parapookkara Subramanian
  38. Pariharapuram Subramanian
  39. Parthala Subramanian
  40. Payyannur Perumal Sree Subramanian, Kannur
  41. Payyannur Subramanian
  42. Pazhuvil Subramanian
  43. Pelakkadu Subramanian
  44. Peralassery Subramanian, Kannur
  45. Perunna Subramanian
  46. Puthoorkara Subramanian
  47. Thalaklayi Subramanian, Kasaragod
  48. Thayamkulangara Subramanian
  49. Thayoor Subramanian
  50. Thazhakara Subramanian, Alappuzha
  51. Thiruvanchoor Subramanian
  52. Thoopil Subramanian
  53. Thozhupadam Sree Murugan, Thrissur
  54. Thrikkumaramkudam Subramanian
  55. Udayanapuram
  56. Ullur Balasubramanian, Trivandrum
  57. Umayanellor Balasubramanian
  58. Velloor Subramanian
  59. Vendar Subramanian
  60. Vengeri Sri Subramanian, Calicut
  61. Vennayoor Subramanian
  62. Vyttila Subramanian


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