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Lord Datthathreya Manthra and Meaning | Lord Dattatreya Manthra With Meaning

About Lord Datthathreya
Lord Datthathreya is the son of the holy couple Anusuya and Athri Maharshi. He is represented with three heads signifying the unity of Lord Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. He is the Guru of all gurus.
Lord Datthathreya is believed to be the incarnation of Thrimurthies – Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva in one form. The literal meaning of the word Datthathreya is Dattha – Given, and Athreya – son of sage Athri.

Sri Dattatreya Swamy

Datthathreya Manthra and Meaning:
Dhatthathreya Manthra:

Meaning: I meditate on the divine form of Datthathreya as the supreme reality O Lord Datthathreya.

Benefits of chanting Dhatthathreya Mantra:
Enables the holy protective shield of the Supreme Guru around you at all times.
Removes ‘Pitrushapa / Pithru Dosh’ or the curse given by the deceased ancestors.
Removes your obstacles, worries, Unknown Fears.
Bestows Peace of mind, Harmony in the family.
For Children’s who are studying –
Improves health and presence of mind, confidence, Academic performance.
During your regular puja starting with Ganesha Manthra and then with the chanting of Datthathreya mantra is said to propitiate your Ishta Devta to get blessings.

How to chant Dhatthathreya manthra:
For Pithru / Ancestral problems or Peace OF Mind
Recite the manthra for 108 times daily or dedicate at least 15 to 30 minutes or increase your time according to the intensity of your ancestral or any other problems.
In case of severe problems in the family due to Pith dash, you are advised to consult pundits to perform rites such as Panda Dhan / Shraddha, Narayana Nagabali, Nagbali, Kala Sarpa Shanti / Kaala Sarpa Nivarana Puja.
Or simply recite the manthra for 108 times in the morning and evening.

Dhatthathreya Guru Manthra To Meditate:
Om Guru Brahma Guru Vishnuhu Guru Devo Maheshwaraha !
Guru Saakshaath Parabrahma Thasmai Shri Guru Dhatthathreya Namaha !!

Recite this manthra when every you want peace of mind.

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