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Mahwah Hindu Samaj Temple Timings, Events, History

Mahwah Hindu Samaj Temple Timings:

*Closes at 8:30 PM from December 1 to March 1
Monday – Friday 8:30 – 12:30 PM / 4:00 – 9:00 PM* or 8:30 PM from 12/1 to 3/1
Saturday 8:30 AM to 9:00 PM*(8:30 PM from 12/1 to 3/1)
Sunday 8:30 AM to 9:00 PM* (8:30 PM 12/1 to 3/1)

Mahwah Hindu Samaj Temple Aarti:

Morning 10:30 AM
Evening 7:30 PM Weekdays
8:00 PM Tuesday

Mahwah Hindu Samaj Temple Weekly Events:

Monday – Rudra Abhishek – 9:45 AM and 6:45 PM
Tuesday – Hanuman Chalisa (Note: Aarti at 7:30 PM) – 7:00 PM to 7:30 PM
Wednesday – Vishnu Sahasranama – 6:45 PM
Thursday – Sai Baba Arti – 7:00 PM
Friday – Lalitha Sahasranama – 6:45 PM
Saturday – Balaji Suprabhatham – 8:30 AM
Sunday – Satsang, Sponsored Puja, Special Puja – 3:00 PM onwards. (Aarti @ 5:00 PM)
We celebrate all holidays with special Puja

Mahwah Hindu Samaj Temple

Mahwah Hindu Samaj Temple History:

Established in 1996, Hindu Samaj has about 2,500 families. Provides religious, cultural and social services in New Jersey and surrounding areas. Hindu Samaj has temples for Ram Ji Parivar, Shiv Ji Parivar, Ganesh Ji, Maa Durga Ji, Vishnu-Laxmi Ji, rather Krishna Ji, Maa Saraswati Ji, Bala Ji, Hanuman Ji, Sai Baba Ji and Mahavir Ji (Jain Temple)

Mahwah Hindu Samaj Temple Deities:

Sri Rama, Sita Devi, Sri Lakshmana and Hanuman
Lord Shiv and Parivar
Shri Ganesh
Maa Durga
Sri Vishnu and Sri Laxmi Devi
Shri Krishna
Maa Saraswati Devi
Bala Ji
Hanuman Ji
Shirdi Sai Baba

Mahwah Hindu Samaj Temple Mission Statement:

To promote spiritual, social and cultural development of all people who believe in the diverse manifestations of the Hindu religion.

To unify the Hindu community by developing appreciation for and celebrating all aspects of the Hindu Philosophy and Religion.

To help our children develop a sense of pride and identity with our Indian heritage, while actively helping them prepare to be the finest citizens of our new adopted home.

To promote inter-religious social and cultural understanding.

To provide critically needed assistance and services to the members of our community and engage in humanitarian activities.

Mahwah Hindu Samaj Temple Event Services/Packages for all occasions:

[Check Availability]
(Wedding, Sangeet/Garba, Engagement, Baby Shower, Meetings, etc)
(All bookings are for 5 hours except where noted). Available packages are

■ Banquet Hall (Community Center)

■ Banquet Hall / Kitchen

■ Banquet Hall / Kitchen / Multipurpose Hall

■ Banquet Hall / Kitchen / Multipurpose Hall / Dinning Area

■ Multipurpose hall

■ Multipupose Hall / Kitchen / Dinning Area

■ Class Rooms
(2 hour minimum)

Please call or email to inquire
● Packages for smaller events (less than 100 people)
● Packages for events less than 5 hours

– We also have tables and chairs for the events
– We also have a wedding mandap and bride & groom chairs
– We can provide contacts for various vendors for the events
– We can provide set-up & breakdown help
For further information, Please contact us via email:

Mahwah Hindu Samaj Temple Guidelines for Prasad Offering:

We make this conscious demand completely of the feelings of the devotees. We also asked the priest to follow the guidelines detailed below. Lots of Prasad sweets, fruits and prepared foods that are brought as an offering are wasted because other devotees do not wish to receive them from priests for various reasons, such as food, health and sanitary. We feel terrible when we are compelled to throw it away because of health code and liability reasons. We are therefore requesting:

1) Bring only Almonds/Raisins/Cashews (dry-fruits) as offerings
2) If sweets and other perishable food including fruits are brought, please do the following: a)after it has been offered to the deity , take it to the kitchen and distribute it to your family and friends b) take the Prasad home. Please do not distribute any food in the Mandir area.
3) We request that instead of sweets and other perishable food, please make a donation either by cash or check deposited in the donation box. Checks written to Hindu Samaj is charitable tax deductible. If you deposit cash in a sealed envelope with your name, and address, we will send you a receipt. Such donations will help the temple to pay off mortgage which is over $4million.

We deeply appreciate your understanding, cooperation and generous donations.

Hindu Samaj Temple of Mahwah Address:

247 W Ramapo Ave,
NJ 07430, USA
Phone: +1 201-529-1277

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