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Mallikarjuna Kamakshi Tai Temple Jonnawada, Timings, Address

Jonnawada Sri Kamakshi Thai Ammavari Temple Timings: 5.00 am to 1.00 pm and 4.30 pm to 9.15.

This temple at Jonnawada is dedicated to goddess Kamakshi Tai and Mallikarjuna swamy, one of the variations of Shakti, is located on the banks of Penna River, 23 km from the heart of Nellore. The drive to the temple from the heart of Nellore would give you a first hand experience of the untouched villages of India.

The temple entrance door, Dwaja Sthabham (Flag mast) and the gopuram (tower) of the temple adorning with five kalasams (pots) on the top are made out of gold. The statue of the goddess Kamakshi Devi who is greatly adorned the traditional way by the priests is stunning for any devotee or visitor; every one would like to revisit this place of glowing divine radiance which can be self experienced only.

Mallikarjuna Kamakshi Tai Temple History
It is said that in Tretayuga, the great sage Kashyapa, visited bhoolokam (the Earth) in order to perform Yagnam. He chose north of Vedadri as Yagna Vatika (place to perform Yagna). After the completion of his Maha Yagna, a bright light appeared which spread on the entire bhoolokam. The sage Kashyapa performed Yagnam here in order to please Lord Mallikarjuna Swami. The lord, who was pleased with his devotion, appeared from the fire of Yagna and blessed the sage. From then on Jonnawada is also called as ‘Yagnavatika Jonnawada’.

Sri-Mallikarjuna-Swami-and-Kamakshi-Tai-JonnawadaSome other tale has it that the main idol in the temple was installed by the great saint Sri Jagadguru Adi Sankara. He also installed a Sri Chakra that is associated with Goddess Shakti. As per some inscriptions found, the temple was constructed in the year 1150. The temple has a beautifully carved Gopuram with the images of Gods and Goddess and five kalasham on the top-most part of it. The temple has two entrances and the main entrance to the temple has a porch on which you can find a scene from Shiva Purana.

There is a strong belief that the local denizens of Jonnawada have. According to them, if anyone who is taken over by evil sprits, sleep in the temple premises for few nights, they will overcome their problem and get cured. Also, few people sleep in this temple if their wish comes true (especially childless couple or guys/girls with late marriage). A bath in the river, which flows besides, is considered even more sacred. There is a bathing ghat near the River for the convenience of the pilgrims. The temple is considered more powerful and to feel the divinity present here one should not miss to visit while on one’s tour to Nellore.

Jonnawada-TempleTemples near Jonnawada Mallikarjuna Swamy Temple:
Sri Varadaraja Swamy and Prasananjaneya Swamy Temple Jonnawada 300 Meters
Sri Vedagiri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple Narasimha Konda 5 kms
Sri Irukalala Parameswari Ammavari Temple Mulapet, Nellore 10 lms

Jonnawada Temple Address:
Sri Mallikarjuna Swamy Kamakshi Ammavari Temple,
Andhra Pradesh – 524305.

Office:+91- 08622-210566

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