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Bara Shaheed Nellore Dargah in Nellore | Rotiyon Ki Eid Dargah

Bara-Shaheed-Dargah-NelloreThe Bara Shaheed Nellore Dargah (the twelve martyrs in urdu) located at the heart of Nellore town may well be considered as the most popular dargah of Andhra Pradesh, both inside and outside of it. The yearly sandal celebrated on the 10th, 11th and 12th of Muharram attracts such unprecedented crowds that it needs to be seen to be believed.

The Sandal celebrations are popularly known as Rottela Panduga (Rotiyon Ki Eid or Festival Of Breads) in the local language. Many people believe and quite rightly that wishes made at the dargah come true and those people whose prayers have been answered visit the dargah every year for the Sandal and offer Rotis (bread) in the adjacent pond which in turn are accepted by those people who have come to the dargah with wishes in their hearts.

There are different kind of Rotis viz. Rozi Ki Roti (the bread for employment), Rizq Ki Roti (the bread for food), Shadi Ki Roti (the bread for marriage), Sehat Ki Roti (the bread for good health) and many more depending on the type of wish that one has. Each type of bread corresponds to what one wishes for in life, for example if you wish for good health in life you should go to the Dargah Bara-Shaheed-Nelloreand make a wish for the same and when your wish is fulfilled you should offer a Roti at the pond at the time of Sandal which in turn will be accepted by someone else who also wishes for good health in life and once his wish is fulfilled he should come and offer rotis in a simillar manner. Same thing applies to the other Rotis also.

Such is the popularity of this shrine that lakhs and lakhs of people from across India and even foreign countries visit the dargah at the time of the Sandal.

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