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Masi Magam Festival | About Masi Magam

Masi Magam, also called as Maasi Makam, observed in Makam Nakshatra of Tamil month Masi, is a popular Hindu festival, usually celebrated by Tamil speaking people. Generally Makam Nakshatra in Masi occurs on a full moon day (Pournami), but it need not be so always. Hence, the celebration of Masi Magam cannot be linked with Pournami, but can only be linked with Makam Nakshatra. Makam is also called as Magam and Magha.

On Masi Magam day, idols of the deities from the temples are taken in a procession to a nearby water body like pond, lake or sea shore, for ceremonial bath. The devotees who accompany the ceremonial procession take hoy dip in the water body with a belief that they will get rid of all their sins.

Besides India, Masi Magam is celebrated by Tamil speaking people of Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia.

Masi Magam Festival

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