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Mookambika Shrine | Devi Ma Shrine Eugene, Oregon

Sri Mukambika Mahadeva Hindu Shrine (SMMHS) is located in Eugene. Mukambika Devi is an incarnation of Durga, Laxmi and Sarswati. She is a powerful deity known to grant the wishes of her faithful.

Sri Mukambika Devi arrived in Eugene during Navaratri on October 15, 2007. SMMHS was established on May 16, 2010 in Eugene at the current site. The deities they lead are Mukambika Devi (Devi Ma) and her consort Mahadeva with the ubiquitous Nandi and the obstacle eliminator Vidya Ganapati.

Devi Ma has been trying to find her home in California, Florida and over the last decade in Oregon. We would be lucky to offer you a permanent home in Oregon.

Oregon Mookambika Temple


A sanctuary or temple in a community is a sacred place where people can gather, celebrate and keep our culture alive. It is also a place where grief can be comforted and supported.

Since May 2010, the sanctuary has been a wonderful place for daily worship and celebrations of various Hindu festivals for the people of Eugene, Springfield, Corvallis, Portland and other nearby communities. Over the years, we have celebrated with joy many Homas and Abhishekas.

Due to lack of funds we have not had a paid pujari to do the daily pujas. This has been a blessing in disguise because the devotees volunteer to do the daily pujas–even in the icy winter conditions–and this has created a very close bond with the deities. Devi Ma has blessed many local devotees by fulfilling their wishes.

Oregon Mookambika Shrine Address:

410 Sunnyside Dr,
OR 97404, USA
Phone: +1 541-870-9307

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