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Mulasthaneswara Swamy in Nellore

mulasthaneshwar-TempleSri Mulasthaneswara Swamy temple is also famous as Mulapet Shivalayam which is said to be 1400 years old, located in the heart of Nellore city dedicated to one of the variations of Lord Shiva. Shivaratri is a Hindu festival which is celebrated with great pomp and exuberance over here. The temple is believed to be powerful and devotees give away generous offerings to the residing deity.

Legend goes that the poet Tikkana Somayaji translated Mahabhratam into telugu only after making his obeisance to the deity.

Legend goes that a local person named Mukanti Reddy had a large herd of cattle, and his herdsman used to take them out for grazing. One day it was noticed by Mukanti Reddy that he was not getting one cow’s milk and took the herdsman to task. The herdsman in order to find the reality traced that the cow to see it bedewing a stone with its milk and out of anger the herdsman hit the stone which started bleeding. He ran to Mukanti to inform the same and later that night Mukanti had a vision that it was Shiva Lingam and was ordered by the nature spirits to build a temple around it. He built the temple accordingly and thus the name “Mulasthana Iswara” has arrived.

The city name “Nellore” is also tied to this legend. The stone lingam was found under the “Nelli” tree (Nelli Tree – Philanthus Emblica) thus the name Nelli-ur or today’s Nellore.

mulapet-sivalayamThe temple tower over here is colorful, hosting protruded images of gods and goddesses done in stucco work. A large sculpted image of Lord Shiva, in a posture of giving away blessings to the visiting devotees is placed on a roof top of four pillared mandapam (hall) which is in front of the courtyard of the temple tower.

Exactly opposite is placed a Ganesha’s (Ganesha – Son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Paravti Devi) idol which is very huge in size and believed to be the one of the largest in the surrounding areas. His vehicle “Mushika” (Mushika – The Rat) is also seen lying at the Lord’s feet.

Sri Mulasthaneswara Temple is within the city of Nellore.

Buses and local transport are available from the Nellore city to this place.

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