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Muttichur Kallattupuzha Sri Maha Siva Temple

Muttichur Kallattupuzha Mahadeva Temple is located at Anthikad in Thrissur, Kerala. This temple is a classic example of the architectural style of Kerala. The temple of Kallattupuzha is located on the banks of the Karuvannur River and the presiding deity is Lord Shiva, located in the main sanatorium of the sanatorium, facing west. According to folklore, the sage Parashurama has installed the idol. The temple is one of 108 famous Shiva temples in Kerala.

Koka Sandesam:

Muttichur and Siva Temple is mentioned in “Koka sandesam” poem, which is believed to have been written about 2700 years ago.

Muttichur Kallattupuzha Sri Maha Siva Temple Address:

Muttichur Puthenpeedika Road,
Kerala 680641.

Kallattupuzha Sri Maha Siva Temple

Kallattupuzha Mahadeva Temple

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