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Pillalamarri Tree Mahabubnagar, 800 Years Old Banyan Tree Telangana Tourism

Nature has its own ways of surprising us. The Pillalamarri tree at a distance of just 4 kms from Mahabubnagar is one such example. The word ‘Pillalamarri’ is a combination of two word: ‘Pillala’ referring to children and ‘marri’ meaning the Banyan tree. Pillalamarri is a banyan tree which is now more than 800 years old. This tree is a unique one and attracts tourists from everywhere. The banyan tree has grown into multiple branches and has a spread of more than 3 acres of area. It is so huge that it is said that more than 1000 people can sit under it at the same time. People have their family picnics under this tree. It is like a huge umbrella protecting people against rain and sun. However, it gives a feeling of a huge hill when seen from a distance.

It is said that there exists a tomb of a Muslim saint under the tree. There are other attractions for the visiting tourists: Boating facilities are available during the rainy season. A zoo, an aquarium and an archaeological museum are also located near the tree.

Pillalamarri Tree Mehabubnagar

Pillalamarri Tree Distance:

It is near mahabubnagar. It is hardly 4 kms away from Mahabubnagar. A distance of 100 kms needs to be travelled from Hyderabad to reach the place. The estimated time for the drive would be 2.5 to 3 hrs. (2.5 hours to 3 hours drive by car)

Pillalamarri Timings:  8:00 am to 6:00 pm
Best Time to visit: During Monsoons to enjoy the boating and greenery at its best,

Interesting Facts: It is a single tree spread across 3 acres of area.

Mehabubnagar Pillalamarri Tree

Timmasani Pally Road,
Kristan Pally,
Mahbubnagar District,
Telangana 509001.
Phone: 096761 76182

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