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Sri Sangam of Krishna and Bheema Rivers Telangana Tourism

About Sri Sangam of Krishna and Bheema Rivers:

Sri Sangam is the point where The Krishna River mingles with the Bheema River. The Sangam is present at the bordering area of Karnataka. Guru Charitra also known as Dattatreya Charitra calls this place as Nirvrutha Sangmam.

The Sangam is considered a very Holy place for dip by the Hindus. Both the rivers have their respective roles in the Hindu culture. He River Bheema flows south from this place. It is considered very pious and given the status equivalent to that of Ganga in Kashi and Gaya where people achieve Punya when they take the dip in Ganga. Similarly, people attain punya when they take bath in ‘Pushkara’. The place is holy because Dattatreya had walked in this place. The “KURUVAPURAM” the place where the incarnation of Datttreya, Swamy Sreepada Vallabha lived is also very near to this Sangamam.

Sri Sangam of Krishna and Bheema Rivers

The place is important also because it is the entry point for River Krishna in Telangana. Moreover, the pact between King of Vijayanagara “Ramaraya” and the defeated Bahumam Sultans along with Sultans of Kutubshahi, Adikshahi, Nizamshahi and Barid Shahi had also taken place here in 1557-58 hence establishing the historical importance of the place.

Sri Sangam of Krishna and Bheema Rivers Location and Reach:

Road: The Gulbarga-Raichur Highway can be taken up for reaching the destination. One can get down at Hindupur and cover a short distance of 9 km to reach the Sangamam. The pilgrims from Andhra Pradesh can get down at Maganoor/Makthal on Hyderabad – Raichur Highway. From Maganoor, the Sngamam is about 15 km. The destination is about 7 km away from Krishna Railway Station.

Rail: The nearest Railway Station is at Krishna, which is having Wadi-Guntakal Railway Line. The rest 7 kms can be traveled in public transport.
Air: The nearest Airport located at Shamshabad (Hyderabad), about 197 km from the destination.

Sri Sangam of Krishna and Bheema Rivers Address:

Sri Sangam of Krishna
Tangidi Village,
Maganoor Mandal.


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