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Megalit Burials Mudmal Mehabubnagar, Telangana Tourism

Megalith Burials date back to the Megalith period. It is located in Mudmal Village on the banks of the River Krishna. The site is located in between three villages – Muduma, Murahari Doddi and Gudeballore. It is in Maganoor Mandal in Mahabubnagar District.
This burial place has nearly 500 and above burial facilities. There are two types of burials:
1) Sisth: These are the burial places those are surrounded by big rocks.
2) Merhers: In these types of burial, there is a circle of stones in the middle with a pillar be standing in the middle of the circle of stones.

Megalit Burials Mudmal

There are almost 65 Menher burials in the place covering about 100 acres of land. The Menher is 14-16 ft high and covers 6-11 ft in area. Some of the burial area is even bigger. The site is decorated with the sculptures of big bull, Goddess and weapons like the Trishula.

The Sisth burials are also found on the banks of River Krishna to Sangam area mostly in Tangidi village. This burial ground is the biggest in the area.

Location and Reach:
Road: The tourists visiting the place are mostly from Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra. Visitors from Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka can get down at Gudeballore on Raichur-Hyderabad Highway. The remaining distance of 8 kms can be reached in a public transport via Mudmal village. The visiting tourists from Maharashtra can get down at Krishna Railway Station. Here onwards they can travel the remaining distance to the destination via Gudeballore. Similarly tourists from Tamil Nadu can also get down at Krishna Railway Station boarding the Chennai-Mumbai Express.

Rail: The nearest Railway Station is at Krishna Railway Station.
Air: The nearest Airport located at Shamshabad (Hyderabad)

Tourist Attractions around the Destination:
There are many other tourists’ attractions in and around the burial place at Mudmal village. The Gudeballore Venkateswara Swamy temple is a famous temple, Brahmagadda and Ramgadda temples in the middle of Krishna River. The other temples are Satyapurna Swamy, Kolpur, Vompula TimmappaTemple, Mudmal. The Basavanna Statue on the Hill is a major tourist spot and Anjaneya SwamyTemple at Gudeballore.

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