Pokharni Sri Narsimha Temple Schemes and Annadanam Cost Details

Pokharni Shri Narsimha Temple Schemes:

  1. Sri Swamy Vari Saswatha Brahmothsavam ₹ 10,116/-
  2. Sri Swamy Vari Saswatha Kalyanam ₹ 6,000/-
  3. Sri Swamy Vari Saswatha SahasranamaArchana ₹ 1,116/-
  4. Sri Andal Ammavari Saswatha Nijabhishekam ₹ 1,116/-
  5. Sri Swamy Vari Saswatha Nijabhishekam ₹ 1,116/-
  6. Sri Swamy Vari Nitya Prasada Vitharana ₹ 1,116/-
  7. Sri Anjaneya Swamy Aku Pooja ₹ 2,000/-
  8. Sri Swamy Vari Nitya Nijahishekam ₹ 10,116/-
  9. Sri Swamy Vari Saswatha Nitya SahasranamaArchana ₹ 10,116/-
  10. Sri Andal Ammavari Saswatha Nitya Archana ₹ 10,116/-
  11. Sri Andal Ammavari Saswatha Nijabhishekam ₹ 10,116/-
  12. Sri Anjaneya Swamy Vari Shaswatha Archana ₹ 10,116/-
  13. Sri Swamy vari Annadhanam ₹ 1,116/-(and above)

Pokharni Shri Narsimha Temple Annadanam Schemes:

The Pokharni Sri Narsimha Temple Devasthanam has maintained the Annadanam plan since 1989. All donations received from donors are deposited and the interest derived therefrom is spent on Anna prasadam. On Bramhostavams days, Karthika Pournami and on festival days the temple serves 1000 devotees. On regular days the food is served for min 500 devotees.

Donations are also offered for the construction of cottages and choultries on behalf of the donor. Donations have been defined for types of building value.