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Purandhara Dasa Aradhana Festival Tirumala

20 January 2015 Tirumala : On Tuesday the Purandhara Dasa Aradhana Festival took place in Tirumala in a ceremonial manner.
Purandhara Dasa Aradhana is popularly known as “Karnataka Sangeetha Pitamaha”, saint poet of Karnataka Sri Purandhara Dasa wrote over 4.75 lakh sankeertans on the lines from Annamacharaya, in his life span of 80 years.
The procession of Lord Venkateshwara Swami along with his consorts started form Srivari temple and reached Narayanagiri Gardens at 6 pm in the evening.
TTD JEO Mr. K.S.Sreenivasa Raju said dasa sahitya started with a mission to spread bhakthi cult for the prosperity of the mankind. Purandara Dasa, Annamacharya, Emperor Sri Krishnadevaraya taught the world the essence of spirituality and Hindu Sanathana Dharma with their great literary works.
pontiff of Mantralaya Sri Raghavendra Swamy mutt Sri Subudendra Teertha, pontiffs of Udupi Sri Palimar Mutt, Sri Vidyadheesha Teertha and Sri Eshapriya Teertha Swamijis Sri Ananda Theerthacharyulu, Spl Officer Dasa Sahithy Project and other officials took part in this religious fete.

aradhana-mohotsavamaradhana-mohotsavam-1aradhana-mohotsavam-3aradhana-mohotsavam-2photo from ttd

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