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Rakhi Celebrations in India

Rakhi is celebrated in India for establishing the bond of love between siblings and encouraging the noble relation of brotherhood. Though it is not a tradition that can vary over time, the celebration now follows the contemporary style. From time immemorial Rakhi celebration is going on in the same way and the same enthusiasm is maintained throughout the traditions. The merriments have been increasing to a higher level. No doubt, Rakhi celebration strengthens the bond of love between brothers and sisters.

Preparations for Rakhi festival begin well in advance. Each and every market gets ready with elegant and colourful Rakhis even a month before the beginning of the festival. Shopping begins quite early and the ladies purchase new dresses and attractive Rakhi gifts, giving importance to the special Rakhi gifts meant for their brothers staying at distant place. You can see every shops dealing with garments, gifts and sweets filled with abundance of beautiful items to attract the people.

It is a well-known fact that Rakhi is celebrated in India with high festival spirit, establishing a strong bond of love between the siblings. India is globally acclaimed for its rich culture, tradition and festivities. Similar to all other festivals of India, Raksha Bandhan has a unique charm and it is celebrated with all its different customs, family gathering, sweets, love, emotion and merriments.

Rakhi Celebrations in India

The festivity of Rakhi festival starts from the beginning of the auspicious day. People take bath early in the morning, wear new clothes and assemble together. After performing rituals to the deities, sisters perform aarti of their bothers, tie Rakhi on their wrist and apply tilak on their forehead. Sacred mantras are chanted during these rituals. Sisters offer and feed sweet to their brothers and pray to God for their well-being. Brothers, in return, present attractive gifts to their sisters and pledge to take care and protect them under all circumstances.

After finishing these festival ceremonies, it is time for enjoyment. The merriment continues by sharing mouth-watering food, delicious sweets, exchanging gifts and enjoying music and dance. The family get-together and the unforgettable moments of the celebration remain forever in everyone’s memory. In this digital age, emotions and greetings of the siblings are also shared through internet by e-mail, e-cards and e-Rakhi.

‘Rakhi Mahotsavas’ in Shantiniketan was the get-together of people initiated by Rabindra Nath Tagore to spread the feeling of brotherhood among different people. He believed that it would be helpful to develop mutual trust between people and their peaceful existence. For them Rakhi is a method to complement human relationship and the custom of tying Rakhi to friends and neighbours continues.

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