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Raksha Bandhan Meaning and Significance

Meaning of Raksha Bandhan:
Relationships are the core of all festivals and the celebration of any Indian festival will be incomplete without the get together of the family members. The relation of brother and sister is remarkable and Raksha Bandhan is the celebration of that relation, which is rarely observed in any part of the world, other than India. In the festival of Raksha Bandhan, the siblings celebrate the bond of love and affection between them, and pray for the well-being and happiness of each other.

‘Raksha Bandhan’ literally means ‘bond of protection’. Its beauty lies in the fact that on this day of prayer and promises, sisters tie Rakhi, the sacred thread, on the wrist of their brothers and pray and wish for their well- being. Brothers, in return, promise to protect their sisters from all troubles under all circumstances. The festival is celebrated on the auspicious day of Shravana Purnima, which usually comes in the month of August every year.

Significance of Raksha Bandhan:
Even though Raksha Bandhan is celebrated to respect the sacred relations of siblings, history reveals that Rakhi can just be a protection, irrespective of the brother-sister relationship. The female who ties Rakhi can be either be a mother, a daughter or a wife. Sages of the ancient India tied Rakhi to those who approached them for their blessings. They even tied these sacred threads to themselves in order to protect them from evils. Scriptures rightly said that it was ‘Papa Todak, Punya Pradayak Parva’ meaning “the day that confers boons and end all sins”.

Raksha Bandhan

It is a fact that Rakhi festival now comprehends beyond the friendliness and affection shared among the siblings. People tie Rakhi to close friends and neighbours and declare peace and equality among every human being. It was Rabindranath Tagore who first made Rakhi popular with an intention to promote unity and responsibility among the members of society for mutual protection and boosting a comprehensive social life.

Today, the viewpoints and situations vary, which involve a life-long practice of moral values. The emotions and values related to the festival rituals are precious enough to be taught to the whole humanity in order to maintain universal peace and harmony. Other than its literal meaning, Raksha Bandhan takes up all kinds of protection of virtues and destruction of evils. Tying of Rakhi is so significant and sacred that it is essential that all sisters and brothers of the world should visit each other’s place on the Raksha Bandhan day and rekindle the spirit of unity and bind the family of the whole world together in a heart-warming bond of love.

Raksha Bandhan Meaning and Significance

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