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The Salar Jung museum one of the largest collection of artistic achievement from European, Asian and Far Eastern countries had been the repository of the artistic desires of Nawab Mir Yousuf Ali Khan popularly known as Salar Jung III who had been the minister to the Nizam of Hyderabad.

Hyderabad Salar Jung Museum

Salar Jung Museum is taken up as the national museum by the Government of India besides the other two at New Delhi as Kolkatta. The museum had initially been operational from the very residence of Salar Jung III i.e. ‘Diwan Deodi’ on December 16th, 1951. On his death, the museum was shifted to its present location after the GoI took over. It is said that many of the items in the collection were stolen while shifting.

The Salar Jung museum has a magnificent collection of treasures along with that of the arms and amours collected from around the world. The sword of Aurangzeb, daggers of Mughal emperors adore the museum. It also contains paintings by Raja Ravi Verma besides the many paintings and sculptures from the Western collection. Among the other collections are the Bandhini and Patola textiles, bronze statues, miniature paintings, modern paintings, jade objects from the Mughal era, Bandhini and Patola textiles of India, bronze statues, miniature paintings, modern paintings, jade objects from the Mughal era, French furniture from the era of Louis XIV-XVI and Napolean. Many of these objects date back the age as old as 2nd century BC.

Collection from Salar Jung Museum

The Salar Jung Museum has 38 galleries in it each of which is exclusive and different from the other. The ‘Founders Gallery’ has the objects used by the Salar Jungs and represents their lives and styles as ministers of the Nizams. In addition to the galleries, the museum has the library, a reading room, a souvenir shop and a cafeteria.

The most sought after areas in the museum are the Clock Section and the ‘Veiled Rebecca’. One can find many varieties of clocks here. The Bird cage and the Grand Father’s clock are a few to name here. But what attracts the visitors the most is the British Bracket clock in which a toy figure comes out hourly to strike the gong and then returns.

The ‘Veiled Rebecca’ is another attraction in the museum. It is a marble sculpture by Benzoni which dazzles one by its unearthly beauty and the gossamer veil made with marble.

The GOI is considering the renovation of the exteriors of the museum giving it an Indo-Persian look. Though challenging, the changed look would definitely give a better audience than the already overflowing set. The museum has also adopted the solar way of generating electricity for its power consumptions. This is a good way of setting example for conservation of energy.

The museum is definitely the most sought after destination for the art and history lovers who take away the experiences of a different era altogether.

Timings: 10.00 A.M. to 5.00 P.M on all days except Fridays and public holidays.

Entry Fee:
Rs.10 for Adults,Rs.5 for children below 12 years.
Rs. 150 for foreign visitors

NAWAB MIR YOUSUF ALI KHAN SALAR JUNG 3Details of Articles in Salar Jung Museum:

  • Main Building, Ground Floor
    • Room No. 2 Founders’ Gallery
    • Room No. 3 Indian Bronzes and Painted Textiles
    • Room No. 5 Indian Sculpture Gallery
    • Room No. 6 Minor Arts of South India
    • Room No. 7 Indian Textiles & Veranda
    • Ivory Coach
    • Room No. 9 Children Gallery
    • Room No. 10 Children Gallery
    • Room No. 11 Ivory Carvings
    • Room No. 12 Veiled Rebecca
    • Room No. 14 Arms and Armour Gallery
    • Room No. 15 Metal ware Gallery
    • Room No. 16 Indian Modern Paintings Gallery
    • Room No. 17 Indian Miniature Paintings
  • Main Building, First FloorMusical Clock Salar Jung Museum
    • Room No. 18 Toys & Dolls Gallery
    • Room No. 19 Flora and Fauna Gallery
    • Room No. 24 Indian Silver Gallery
    • Room No. 25 Carpet Gallery
    • Room No. 28 Jade Gallery
    • Room No. 29 Bidri ware
    • Room No. 30 Kashmir Gallery
    • Room No. 32 Utility Gallery
  • Eastern
    • Eastern Block, First Floor
      • Room No. 1 Chinese Gallery
      • Room No. 2 Eastern Porcelain Gallery
      • Room No. 3 Japanese Gallery
      • Room No. 4 Eastern Statuary Gallery
  • Western
    • Salar Jung Museum BusWestern Block, First Floor
      • Room No. 1 European Painting Gallery
      • Room No. 2 European Glass Gallery
      • Room No. 3 French Gallery
      • Room No. 4 European Clock Gallery
      • Room No. 5 European Porcelain Gallery
    • Western Block, Ground Floor
      • Room No. 6 European Bronze Sculptures Gallery
      • Room No. 7 European Marble Sculptures Gallery
  • Others
    • Main Building, First Floor
      • Room No. 23 Arabic & Persian Manuscript Gallery
      • Room No. 26 Egyptian & Syrian Gallery
      • Room No 33 Western Wooden Furniture Gallery

    Salar Jung Museum HyderabadAddress:
    Salar Jung Museum, Nayapul, Hyderabad – 500002
    Contact Numbers: +91-040-24576443, 040 24523211 Ext: 301

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