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Sangameshwara Temple in Mahabubnagar District Telangana

Mahbubnagar district is acclaimed for the culturally rich ancient temples. One such equally famous temple is the Sangameshwar temple of Lord Shiva in Somasila in the state of Telangana. It is said that the temple had been shifted from Sangameshwar to Somasila to avoid the drowning of the temple in River Krishna.

Sangameshwara Temple iMahabubnagarPresiding Deity:
Lord Shiva in the form of Shiva Lingam is the presiding deity here. Tone may find 15 temples of Shiva Lingas in and around this 200 year old ancient temple.

Important Events of the Temple:
Lord Shiva being the presiding deity here, Maha Shivarathri and the Karthika Masam are the times when the temple is most visited by the devotees. Such is the fame of the temple that it is considered a must visit temple in Shivarathri by the devotees.

The Pushkar Snanam which falls once in 12 years is observed in a grand way. Devotees take holy dips in the River Krishna as it considered very auspicious. Many special poojas are organized by people during this time. Devotees believe that a visit to this temple during this period is equivalent to visiting 12 Shiv Lingas all over the country.

Architecture of the Sangameshwar Temple:
The temple architecture speaks for itself. There are many forms of Shiva Lingas inside the temple. The temple has many pillars. The main shrine depicts the Telangana culture.

Besides the magnificent architecture of the temple, the spot is also famous as a pleasant picnic spot due to the beautiful landscape.

The temple is crowded by devotees and pilgrims from other states like Karnataka and Maharashtra as well.

Temple Management:
The Temple is maintained by the Grama Committee under the supervision of State Archeological Department.

Special Tourist Attraction around the temple and their distance:
The temple is considered as a major tourist place in the area. There are many more spots to be visited other than the temple.  The museum located near the temple portrays God idols and the sculpture. There are 12 Jyothilingas inside the temple at Somasila. Other temples that are nearby are the Venkateswara SwamyTemple which is about half a kilometer from Sangameshwar Temple and the Veerabrahmendra SwamyTemple which is also half a kilometer away from the temple. The Chandra Mahal also known as the Kollapur Mahal is also a place worth visiting. Besides one can also enjoy the boating facilities that are being provided at the Somasila reservoir.

How to reach:
By Road: Devotees can reach Somasila from Pebber which is 65 kms away by the national highway No-7 or from Vanaparthy which is about 60 kms away. The distance of the temple is some 10 kms from Kollapur whereas it is 120 kms away from Mehboobnagar. However, one may avail the bus services that are quite frequent from every terminus.

By Train: One may also board the railway and reach Gadwal station which is 95 kms away from the temple.

By Air: The air transport will bring you down to the Shamshabad Airport at Hyderabad. One may board the frequent buses from here.

Accommodation Facilities:
It is quite unfortunate that there are no accommodation facilities here. One has to stay back at Kollapur or Vanaparthy. These would be convenient locations for stay as the pilgrims mostly come here only for a day’s visit.

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