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Shree Swaminarayan Faith | Nilkanth Varni and Sevakram


While Nilkanth Varni continued his pilgrimage, he moved from Venkatadri to Setubandh Rameshvar. On the way, Varni met a very sick sadhu. “Who are you, and why are you in this weak state?” Inquired Varni.

“My name is Sevakram, I became very sick traveling through the pilgrimage sites, but I have no one to take care of me,” said the sadhu. He was very rich, but he had no one to look after him.

Nilkantth Varni’s journey from the day he left home was to serve the poor and needy while giving darshan to his faithful devotees. “Do not worry, sir, I will serve you and take care of you,” Varni told Sevakram. Hearing Varni’s soft, toned voice and the sweet words that came from his lips, Sevakram’s pains almost evaporated. He let out a sigh of relief. “I’m finally going to get some help,” he told himself.

Varni and Sevakram found themselves in the shadow of an bunion tree, haunted with thousands of spirits. Varni thought to take Sevakram in a more peaceful place. Sevakram’s health worsened and Nilkantth Varni did not see fit to move him under such conditions.

Swaminarayan Faith

Seeing that Sevakram was now very poor, Varni felt extremely sorry for him. “I will have to take care of him wherever he is,” thought Varni. On the outskirts of a nearby town, there was a banana plantation. With the permission of the owner, Varni collected enough leaves to build a bed a foot high! As Sevakram experienced an episode of extreme diarrhea, Varni had to clean up the disaster regularly and build a new bed every time.

Every day, Sevakram gave Varni some of his money and sent him to buy ingredients for sumptuous meals. Nilkantth Varni brought merchant goods and prepared Sevakram meals daily. But, the selfish sadhu did not care to offer an ounce of food to Nilkantth Varni. Varni would then visit the village and ask for alms and prepare his own food separately. Sometimes Varni does not even have time to do it. Then I would fast on that day!

Never, once, did Sevakram offer the merciful Varni: “Come, take this money and get enough food for both of us.” To eat together. ”

After about two months of care and service, Nilkantth Varni brought Sevakram back to health. Both resumed their journey to Rameshvar (Setubandh). After recovering fully, Sevakram was able to digest very large meals. But Varni still had about 20 kilos. This Varni would not even wear a handkerchief, because he considered it a useless burden! Varni saw Sevakram as a sadhu and continued to serve him.

After this unreasonable period, Varni left Sevakram because he did not appreciate the problem that Nilkantth Varni had taken to look after him until he was healthy again.

Shreeji Maharaj, one day in Gadhada, spoke about this event. He asked his disciples to free themselves from those who do not value good works that others have done to them.

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