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Simhachalam Temple Giri Pradakshina Details

Simhachalam Giripradakshina Details:

  • Circumbulating the hills Simhachala and Kailasagiri is unique to this temple and on this day, the deity is taken around the holy hills.
  • This event will be held in the month of Ashada (Jun/Jul depends on Hindu Calendar).
  • The people from surrounding places throng in numbers to witness this festival.
  • Those who are physically unable to undertake the Herculean task of circumbulating the hill, trekking a long way are simply satisfied with going around the main shrine at the top on this day.
  • A record 1242 A.D registers the endowments made for this festival.

Giripradakshina will be done on the Giri punnami (full moon day) in the month of June/July. This event covers 32 Km and takes more than 8 hours.

Deity procession runs via Adavivaram, Hanumanthavaka, National Highway, NAD junction before returning to the hill.

During this event, temple administration will setup stalls to provide free food and water to the devotees who participate in this sacred event.

This event usually starts after noon hours.

Simhachalam Giripradakshina Route Map:

Simhachalam Tholipavancha -> Adavivaram Junction -> Residential School -> Pineapple Colony -> Central Jail road -> Mudasarlova -> Chinnagadili -> S.L.V Prasad Eye Hospital -> Hanumanthavaka junction -> Visalakshi Nagar -> Jodugulla palem -> Aapghar  -> S.L.V Colony double road -> Venkojipalem -> Isukuthota -> H.B Colony  -> Sitammdhara -> Alluru Sitaramaraju Statue -> Balayyasastri Layout -> Port stadium -> D.L.B Quarters -> Madhavadhara -> Murali Nagar -> R&B Office -> N.A.D Junction  -> Gopalapatnam Police station -> Gopalapatnam Petrol bunk -> Prahaladha puram  -> Srinivasa nagar -> Gosala -> Tholipavancha.

During this event, heavy vehicles, cars, auto rickshaw will not be allowed along the path for the safety of devotees.

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